Between Eclipses / Sun in Sagittarius – Nov 2021

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The release of the early morning Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is reverberating and is joined by a Venus-Uranus trine today (Nov 19), inviting a shift in perspective or action, a change in the way you engage with others or present yourself. Venus (Ruler of Taurus) is your values and desires: $$, your value, love and relationships, and Uranus is change, so expect a shift – an unexpected blessing or some kind of progress re: what makes life worth living. Ahhh yes! 

On Nov 20, Mercury squares Jupiter, fueling big ideas and conversations, which is great for visioning or brainstorming for the future. A Jupiter square lacks sound judgment, so don’t sign agreements or make deals today, as this is an enthusiastic, big picture setup that can miss practical items. Also, you can overdo it shopping or overcommit yourself, so be mindful if accepting invitations today.

Mercury sextiles Pluto on Nov 21 and this is a good day to get clear re: important information or to have conversations that require focus, honesty or intimacy, to seek deep insights, make a pitch, sell a product/idea or be persuasive. This creates a magnetic energy you can tap into that is targeted and ambitious, great for making things happen! 

Later on Nov 21 the Sun enters fiery Sagittarius, ruling Higher Truth, the big picture, long journeys, foreign travel, other cultures, social causes, law, spiritual law, religion, spirituality, belief systems, morals, ethics, adventure, freedom and expansion. 

Sagittarius urges you to seek the meaning of your life – what inspires you, what calls you forward. This is a higher energy than security-based, ego-indulgent wants and desires. This is about WHY you are here – and your answer will evolve (or the expression will) as you continue to grow. It can give you the confidence to make a move, take an action or pursue a dream, in the name of stretching toward something greater than your mundane life. 

Sagittarius is enthusiastic, idealistic and inspired, with a vision so real, it has total conviction that it will manifest! That’s part of the magic – the positivity that attracts like-minded souls to create a shared reality. As we now know, “truth” is subjective, so you can only speak to what is true for YOU – and in your personal and professional life, it’s important that you are clear about what that is. 

On Nov 23 the Sun is on the South Node (past), as you are invited to consider, again, what is complete and can be released in order for you to move forward – or appreciate what you have already let go of and how your newly created space/freedom feels and is impacting you. With each release, honor the lessons and blessings you have received as you move on, richer and wiser and ready for the next adventure. 

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Nov 24-Dec 12, with the focus on where you’re going, literally and figuratively. You may be making travel plans, focusing on professional goals or brainstorming ideas for the coming year. I always think of Mercury in Sag as a messenger, with something to say. Is there something you are ready to share with your tribe? You may want to journal with this in mind to see what comes up for you during this fertile period.

On Nov 25 Mercury in on the South Node (past) and you have the opportunity to check in re: any old non-working mental patterns that still need cleaning up, as well as any abandoned aspects from your earlier life that you would love to recreate in a whole new, evolved form. Food for thought. 

We are between the Lunar and Solar Eclipse coming on Dec 3 @ 11:43pm PST / Dec 4 @ 2:43am EST.There is so much potential for discovering what’s possible with a fresh outlook via your willingness to shift your usual way of thinking, operating, and reacting if you’re willing to do something different. You get back what you put out, so give yourself the gift of big picture expansion (Sagittarius). 

This week will feel lighter after all we’ve been through lately. Make the most of your opportunities – and there are here if you look for them.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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