Between Eclipses – Feb 2, 2018

The inner feeling following the Lunar Eclipse. Spacious and vast. Open. Don’t rush to fill it up with busyness, chatter and activity in order to avoid the Nothingness and the Allness. Allow yourself to be bathed in the expansiveness. This a precious experience. Embrace it with reverence.

This is an “in between” phase, going from the Lunar Eclipse on Jan 31 in Leo and the Solar Eclipse on Feb 15 in Aquarius. The energy is fairly chill, but as always, if something comes up unexpectedly, give yourself space to process before you respond.

Over the weekend, the Sun is on the South Node  and it may bring a karmic ending or you may have a flashback from your past. As always, it is up to you to discern what is useful going forward and what is not – and then act in alignment with your Highest Good.

If you experience an unexpected ending, the way you respond and go forward is how you utilize your free will.

Changes are happening, whether they’re obvious, subtle, or unconscious. They can be internal or external, so be aware. Eclipses activate powerful magnetic shifts and events that change the playing field. What is changing for you – can you feel it?

Here are some topics that are ripe for consideration during Eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius axis.

• Are you living from your heart or hiding behind an image to look good?

• Do you step into leadership or stay on the fringe with no responsibility?

• Are you connected to a tribe that encourages your Inner Authority (sovereignty) – or are you directed by what the group believes? Do you think for yourself?

• Can you express yourself freely – or do you fear being different?

• Or do you use technology or feeling different as an way to stay separate, to not to fit in or risk intimacy, only having superficial relationships?

Wherever you’re in hiding (sometimes in plain sight), the call is to get the healing you need so that you can live freely and fully. Having wounds and issues is human, there’s no shame in that. But staying stuck is counterproductive – and thinking that you should be able to heal yourself is a fantasy. I think if you knew how to do it, you would.

Living in Authenticity with heart is the goal. Know thyself and create a life that’s a joyful expression of the truth of who you are.

Mercury (mind), the Sun, South Node (past), and Venus (love) in Aquarius calls for innovative ideas that serve the Greater Good, while honoring the past and releasing old baggage.

If this feels very mental, don’t think too hard. Just allow your brilliance and creativity to shine through organically – the energy is ripe with all planets in Direct motion. And things will happen. It’s Eclipse season.

Also remember that you have the power to change your life. If something isn’t working, you have the freedom to make a new decision.

Stay present for what’s coming through you.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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