Awakening and Breakthroughs – July 2, 2021

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July begins with a series of energies that alternately challenge and activate you, with an invitation to grow and follow your spirit’s call by taking necessary steps and facing old issues with the intention for breakthroughs and liberation. The way you frame your perspective has a major impact on your experience, empowering you via a bigger picture. Think restructuring, authenticity and evolution. 

Fiery Mars (action) is separating from heavy Saturn on July 2 as it trines healing Chiron, creating space to take a breath and reflect on where you’re going and how you’re approaching it. On July 3, Mars moves into a square with unpredictable Uranus, charging the atmosphere with combustible energy for the July 4 holiday weekend. I heard a newsman describe holiday travel in the U.S. as a “post-pandemic explosion.” How right he was! 

I suggest that you be mindful this weekend, as Mars-Uranus can trigger unexpected events, accidents and aggressive overreactions as the temperature, tempers and tension rises. Fireworks can be literal and/or figurative, as this is fertile ground for a breakthrough, should you be ready for a “hostage release” in some area of your life. Use it wisely, should you go there…

On July 5 the Sun sextiles Uranus, bringing creative ideas, positive excitement or stimulation and you may express your Self in some new way – whether verbal, via your style, behavior or creatively. Go for it! Do Uranus and dare to present yourself as the original, unique Being that you are! The focus is new, different, authentic. Fun!

Mercury squares Neptune for the 3rd time (May 22, June 5) pre- and during its Retrograde – and it’s back on July 6. Mercury wants clear info and Neptune is dreams, and in a square you may be confused, misinformed or misled. However, this energy is ripe for creativity, spiritual practices and metaphysical pursuits.

Notice the theme in your life from late May and early June – and then later on July 6, Venus opposes Saturn for some kind of reality check re: that theme. Venus is your heart’s desires, values (and how you value your Self), relationships, style, $$, creativity, and in an opposition Saturn is limits, obstacles, authorities, rules/laws. 

Mercury square Neptune and Venus opposite Saturn together indicates an awakening to something real that you weren’t aware of in relation to your “dream” or understanding of how things are. Don’t sink if you discover something counter to what you believed, rather, hold it as being redirected with new info. Venus opposite Saturn can feel discouraging in the moment and Mercury square Neptune can be disillusioning, but don’t allow yourself to go down the rabbit hole. It is your wake-up call. 

July 7 has Venus trine Chiron, offering compassionate healing energy for your heart and relationships. Take advantage of this opportunity for tender loving frequency, for yourself and others, personal as well as for the collective.

We close the week with a surprise with Venus squaring Uranus on July 8. Either you do something different regarding your style, relationship, creativity or $$ – or someone/something else will play the part FOR you! 

Venus square Uranus can be creative if you direct the energy deliberately, but it often shows up as a blindside or curveball you weren’t expecting that throws you off-balance. I think if the unexpected occurs, the universe is mirroring your unconscious energy by doing for you what you won’t/can’t do for yourself (like getting laid off when you really want to leave your job but are afraid to). And no matter what happens, you’ll regroup to recover your balance, creating new actions, activities or a direction.

I learned many years ago that rather than ask, “Why is this happening TO me?” to consider, “Why is this happening FOR me?” I believ in focusing on what you want to create in your life – and how you want to live. When I got sober in 1992, my dream was to heal, which took many, many years (during which my career was born, much to my surprise). Now my dream is focusing on how I want to live. 

Find out where you are – and know that you can’t be wrong unless you’re living someone else’s plan for you. Find your own! Keep your dream alive, even when you have to do the work that feels tedious and not your heart’s desire. It’s all part of the cycle of development, so keep the faith in yourself, in your process and in life. There’s much transpiring that we can’t see yet. Stay tuned…

Enjoy. You chose to be here now, on purpose, during one of the most revolutionary periods in history!  As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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