Autumn Equinox / Pluto Direct – Sept 2017

Happy Autumn Equinox, a change of seasons when the harvest begins and nights grow longer. The Sun has entered other-oriented Libra, sign of peace, balance and harmony.

Recognize that balance isn’t an “either-or” proposition; it is holding duality (two sides) simultaneously, giving each equal attention. Good time for a check in re: your life (personal/professional, relationship/Self, giving/receiving, external/internal). Where do you feel lopsided and what needs attention? It is your job to rebalance in a way that works for YOU where you feel out of alignment.

This week is another game-changer in the unwinding of old paradigms, midwifing the transformation of your Being on the New Earth. Your task is to focus on integrating the energetic overhauls, twists and twerks that have impacted your life in the past few months.

Saturday is a beautiful day for connection and flow. Enjoy the break. Socialize, connect, choose that which nurtures you and feeds your spirit.

On Sunday, Mars opposes Neptune, potentially diluting vitality and creating confusion, discouragement or activating escapist tendencies (alcohol, drugs, etc). This is not a good day for adrenaline junkies to pursue risky activities.

Guidance for the Mars-Neptune opposition: the Taoist principle of Wu Wei, which means no struggle or extra effort. If it’s too hard, don’t do it – or don’t do it the hard way.

Be like water that flows around a rock, rather than confronting it. This is a way of moving that you can incorporate into your life permanently if you choose. Rather than pushing, flow with or around… Wu Wei is a soft, harmonious way to live.

Mars-Neptune is wonderful for visioning, creativity, spiritual pursuits and realigning with your Higher Self after all the cosmic shifts. Use it and let it work FOR you and take you some place new.

Monday morning, Mercury (mind) squares Saturn (structure), which can manifest as negative thinking, criticism, disagreements or conflicting ideas. The higher expression: create structure, make a plan, write, journal or get organized. Don’t let anyone (or your own thoughts) bring you down. Work. Do something practical that you will feel good about to keep your energy positive. You get self-esteem by doing esteemable things.

On Wed and Thurs, expansive Jupiter opposes unpredictable Uranus, which can create different outcomes. Either you’re very lucky, attracting some kind of unexpected blessing – or something goes haywire that you never saw coming.

What makes the difference? I don’t know for sure, but living in truth with integrity and optimism is the best possible attractor for a positive outcome in my world. No matter what happens, you will always feel good about yourself knowing that you are in alignment with your Higher Self. And be open to receiving a miracle!

On Thurs, Pluto (power, transformation) turns Direct and activates a release, upheaval or a big reveal, personally and/or globally. What to do? Align with the energy rather than resist it. You may experience an internal release, an awareness or a recognition of a shadowy attitude or behavior you never saw before. If so, hallelujah!

It’s a big week. Do you your inner work and really give yourself time to be quiet and go within. You’ve just come through a wormhole (short distance between two disparate realities) and you are not the same as you were before. Where are you now? This is your work – to know what you know now. Don’t judge, just tune in and be aware.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…

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