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Astrology Readings

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Your astrological chart is the blueprint or “soul map” for your life. It’s who you came here to be. When I look at your chart I see your gifts, strengths and talents, but I’m also looking for the challenges, because that’s where healing can take place; it’s what you came to learn about in this lifetime. These are the areas through which you will have spiritual growth and evolution.

It is in seeking your healing that you are led to places you NEVER would have gone otherwise, which often leads to the discovery of your life purpose – or Great Work. I will show you a clearer, more objective understanding of yourself and a new “Big Picture” perspective.

During a natal consultation we explore your birth chart, which contains the setup for your life. Topics include your essence, creativity and self expression, your emotional self, the way you appear in the world (your social mask), your gifts, strengths, talents, career, work style, family, relationships, health, life purpose and destiny.  A digital recording of the session is provided immediately following the consultation.

The goal is for you to step into your power and get the “big picture” of who you came here to be by embracing your gifts, strengths and talents, while receiving guidance that will help you grow and thrive. I have extraordinary resources for you that I have acquired over the last 18 years on my journey.

You will gain clarity around your life direction, growth and purpose and you can expect a new sense of comfort, peace and optimism regarding your life path.

To create an accurate birth chart, you must have your date of birth, the exact time of birth, and the city/town, state (and country if outside the U.S.) where you were born. If you don’t have your time of birth, please reach out to me and I may be able to help you find more info. If not, we’ll do a workaround. There’s always astrological info available, even without your time of birth; there’s just more info with your time of birth.

Feel free to contact me for more information and know that gift certificates for astrology readings are available. If you need help finding your exact birth time, contact me. I have lots of resources that can help you.


I was inspired to contact Lisa and our time together was profound and important for me.
First, I experienced being fully seen by Lisa.

What she saw and transmitted to me helped me put missing pieces in place about my life purpose and where I’m going with it. Her insights validated things I knew but have wondered about.

I’ve always known that I’m here to do big work and have recently stepped into it. Lisa explained where the portal is, the right the timing, and how well prepared I am. Now I’m stepping fully into making a major difference in the world in an innovative way and it’s even bigger than I had imagined. 
Working with Lisa has launched me into a celebration of my wisdom, gifts and purpose. I’m so looking forward to our continuing work together!
~ Barbara Musser
Founder and CEO