Astro Reflection – April 10, 2020

This is a time of reflection, with Passover and Easter both taking place this week. The theme is liberation and rebirth, which you may apply to your life via the current pandemic and its effects. Do you feel liberated in new ways? The rebirth is in process, although not yet complete by any means.

Venus is in its shadow now before turning Retrograde from May 13 – June 25. Current events and experiences will be retraced and reviewed during the Venus Retrograde period – and Venus rules what you value, how you value yourself, love, relationships, $$ and creativity. Notice what is highlighted for you over the next month re: these topics…

Mercury (mind) has been in nonlinear Pisces since Feb ’20, except for a few weeks in Aquarius in early March. Thats a long time for Mercury to be in one sign, and in dreamy Pisces, info was confusing or blurry as old mental structures were unwinding, not good for getting details or specifics. This has added to the anxiety around world events at a time when clear info was so needed.

Mercury moves into fiery Aries later tonight and info will be much more direct and forthcoming. What a relief! You may be ready to speak up about your thoughts, feelings or anything important that’s been percolating during this internal time.

On April 11, Saturn sextiles Mercury – a perfect time for planning, critical or analytical thinking, signing contracts and making decisions. This also supports writing for business or launching a project. Saturn-Mercury creates grounded, methodical, process-oriented thinking, writing, speaking and you may discover newfound clarity that serves your evolution.

The Moon is Void of Course all day on Easter Sunday (April 12), making it a perfect time to reverently celebrate resurrection (literal or figurative). It’s a quiet, flowy day of grace.

The Sun squares Pluto on April 14, which can activate power struggles or feelings of powerlessness. Or you may have a breakthrough in consciousness, a revelation. Since Pluto rules what’s hidden, you may not love what you have to face, but it is here for your awareness and Higher Good – and on the other side of it is liberation and YOU being in your power! (My definition of power is the ability to create what you want at will; more like empowerment).

If you encounter an issue around power, look deeper to see how you are engaged – what’s the hook for you? It’s likely an old issue, showing up again, asking to be handled. Take the opportunity and get help if you need it.

The Sun squares expansive Jupiter on April 15, inspiring you to see the big picture for yourself and to transcend any obstacles you are facing. Jupiter is a can-do energy that sees possibilities, so take advantage of the openings that follow Pluto’s heaviness, upheaval or shadow.

This week is an opportunity to ground and take stock of where you are in this new world. Don’t long for the past, for it is over as you knew it. The future has yet to be created, and you’re in the early stages of feeling and discovering what matters to you now (which will call you forward, moment by moment).

Take good care. Trust the process. Trust your Self.

As always, I’m sending you love and my most heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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