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  • Is ASKING for what you want challenging for you? 
  • Do you wonder how others do this so easily?
  • Do you feel wrong or bad when you think of asking for something?
  • Do you have to be sick, disabled, or have a problem before you’re allowed to ask for help or support?
  • Do you “mind read” how the other will probably respond before you ask for something – IF you ask (you may think yourself out of it)?
  • Do you want others to “mind read” and know what you need so you don’t have to ask?
  • Are you in business? Do you hate to ask for $$?

All these things change your quality of life. It’s hard to live from a place of fear, inhibition and/or shame, feeling that you don’t have the right to ask for things, even if intellectually you know you do.

If this is you, you’re probably a wonderful “giver” and are happy to help others.But the door only swings one way comfortably for you…

Or you ask, but don’t get your needs met because you ask the wrong people, or it’s the wrong time, or something…

Or maybe you covertly guilt others into helping you when you ask – which is not a high level attitude to ask from (the scorekeeping technique, like they owe you). Or you use scorekeeping to feel justified in asking, just for yourself. Still not necessary…

That’s why  I created  Ask for What You Want – and Get It  — to teach you HOW to change this stuck energy and the limiting behaviors that accompany it.

You do not have to live this way! If you’re ready to make a change and learn the joys of connecting through ASKING, join my April class, beginning soon!

We are in a magical, powerful time and if you can’t ask for what you need, you are limiting your options and devaluing yourself.

You will have a personal reading with me and I will show you where your issues are how to redirect the energy to change it.

And I’ll be teaching you so many wonderful new tools and perspectives in the class.  Come on, let’s go!

Class Dates: April 8, 15, 22, 29, 2015          Go Here For More Info
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