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Do you spend time and energy trying to get your needs met, either via the “do-it-yourself” method or by trying to find someone to help you, often to no avail?

Even hiring help doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the support you actually want or need if you don’t get the right person.

Do you wonder why some people attract the goods so easily while you’re stuck feeling like you’re on your own?

It can be very frustrating and even demoralizing to feel like it’s wrong to ask (because you don’t want to bother or burden someone else).

Maybe you think asking implies that you’re incompetent, helpless, or needy

However, I disagree.


We are here to co-create and help each other — and yet, most people don’t know how to ask for what they want or need, if they even know what they need!

Or they ask people who can’t really help them (yet another disappointment).

So I’m here to help :))  

That’s why I’ve created this class. 

Can you imagine asking as a “win-win” experience? I will model this behavior for you – and teach you how to create it.

I know how to ask for what I want and need in ways that feel aligned with my integrity and that are self-honoring – and honoring to others as well.

And I want to share what I know with you!


Let go of past

Do you realize how much of your life not being able to ask affects?


If you can’t ask for what you want, here are some of the areas it touches:

• Your home and personal life;
• Your career advancement, business success, job possibilities and progress; 
• Relationships (romantic, family, business, friendships, acquaintances);
• Aspirations and decisions about your future, your money, your dreams – and what’s possible;
• The way you navigate your daily life.


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Learning to ASK is one of the most fundamental skills that, when mastered, will change your experience of life!

Do not underestimate the power of learning to ask for what you want by being proactive and empowered, while also embodying the grace of receiving.

You do not have to go on denying yourself, manipulating others, or feeling misunderstood because you don’t know how to ask for help or what you want in simple, direct ways.

It doesn’t have to be hard. You just need someone to teach you how it works, what you’re actually doing, and what to say.

You will learn it all here. With me.

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Class #1—All About Asking (Being Proactive)

You will learn:

• How you handle your desires and needs, your power and receptivity;

• What keeps you from asking for what you want or from getting your needs met;

• How you DO get you get your needs met – and if your methods are uplifting or draining;

• The family myth about you; how family rules have shaped what you ask for — and receive;

• About your interfering identities;

• About issues regarding $$;

• How to ask and align with your integrity.


Class #2 —Who & How Are You Asking?

You will learn:

• Strategies for overcoming fear so you can connect in light, real & enjoyable ways;

• How to honor boundaries when asking (and what NOT to do!);

• How to recognize a good candidate to ask;

• How to language a request and how to connect;

• How your energy determines the outcome – what you bring to the party!

• To shift from self-consciousness to connection;

• To handle discouragement/disappointment.


Class #3 —Being a Gracious Receiver

You will learn:

• How to create a “win-win” relationship with your giver;

• How to operate in a manner that aligns with your integrity;

• How to integrate old patterns that limit receiving with new practices;

• How YOU receiving benefits others.


Listen to me

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