As the world shakeup turns – Sept 8, 2017

This is not the easiest of times. The world is in the midst of physical chaos as I write this with hurricanes, fires, floods and earthquakes. Much of the physical effects are occurring in the U.S. after we experienced the Solar Eclipse path from one end of the country to the other.
For those in the path of destruction, survival is primary – and for those who are safe, let’s do what we can to help. We are resilient Beings; we will get through this, but it changes your psyche to be faced with life and death issues – and reminds us how much we need each other.
Mercury (info) is Direct. Saturn (structure/work) is Direct. These two planets allow us to move forward and create, when we’re clear. But we just had a Full Moon in idealistic Pisces that blurs boundaries and invites you to *see* a big picture perspective. So where are you right now? Is your life a true reflection of your values – or are run by security, trapped in fear?
I think all this dynamic energy is meant to shake us up and wake us up. You can’t sleepwalk through this turbulence and get away with it. The most empowering way to use energy is to make it meaningful in some way. Your actions and awareness all count now.
The Sun is in harmony with powerful Pluto, creating opportunities for actions that perhaps you wouldn’t have taken before – or breakthroughs in consciousness – new aha’s! Pluto provides tremendous strength. Trust yourself and life to have your back when you are bold enough to move forward. Use your intuition (Pisces) as your guidance system.
By Sunday, the Sun, Mercury (communication) and Mars (action) are all in Virgo, asking you to do your work, handle details and get organized. What is useful and what is no longer useful? The world is changing and you have to change with it in ways that are appropriate for you. It’s for you to discern what that looks like.
The invitation is to create a life that is truly an expression of your Authentic Self. No more sleepwalking or auto-pilot. Think about where you are and what you’re doing – is it right for you? What needs to go? What do you need to move forward?
Remember, your life is a sacred expression of who you came here to be.
You are unique and have your own special purpose on earth. Love yourself enough to go within and recognize the real treasure that you are – and then spread that love around. We need it now more than ever.
Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…
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