Are you ready to break “the family myth?”

Guess what happens when you decide to “break the family myth” and take a leap forward in your life? Everything that’s out of alignment pops up to tell you “NO!” – or even more insidious, a little voice in your head whispers all the good reasons why you shouldn’t ________ (fill in the blank).

This little voice pretends to be your Higher Self (here to keep you safe), but in reality it’s your shadow, here to keep you small, stuck, stagnant or limited so that you maintain the family myth.

What is the family myth? It’s the story you grew up with about who you are that was mirrored back to you over and over. Maybe it was said out loud or maybe it was a non-verbal message you picked up about yourself.

You may have released some of the family myth or much of it – or maybe you still believe that you are who they said you were. Maybe you still believe certain things about yourself that limit you. Are you trapped in some old family role, belief or behavior that isn’t really your highest truth?

There is SO much more to you than the limited family story of who you are.

Here’s the deal: when you try to break the family myth, there is a powerful unconscious drive to pull you back and that’s the way your unconscious keeps you connected to your family – and you don’t know that’s what’s happening!

But like a chick ready to hatch – when you outgrow your shell, the need to expand will outweigh the desire to cling to security and you’ll be ready to move forward.

I am here to guide you through that process (wherever you are) in the gentlest way. This is an encouragement zone with good, orderly direction.

This will be a nonlinear experience – so warm and smooth that the teachings will wash over you and sink in with profound results, so the loving voice becomes part of your consciousness. We will go step by step, building a new foundation for you to operate from which will help you feel safe and empowered.

Who would you be if you had been totally nurtured and objectively supported when you were growing up? That’s the experience I want you to have.

At the end of our 3 months together, you will be so different and I can’t wait to see how you have evolved and what you will create from that place!

Click HERE for more information or to register. If you’re meant to be with us, please join the beautiful group of heart-centered women who will journey together, each in our own spiral of evolution (me too)!

We begin on Monday, Jan 16th and I am so looking forward to being with you.

If you have questions, reach out to me at and I will help you.

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