Current Astro Events – April 4, ’14

Aries Abstract

The stage is being set and the anticipation is building, day by day, for the dramatic astrological setup we will experience during the month of April.

The planets are moving into position to form a Grand Cardinal Cross (or Grand Square). This contains four planets squaring each other, along with two oppositions. It is combustible, pressurized energy that will impact us all, as it guarantees change – either deliberate (you decide) or reactive (you directed by outside forces/events).

This GC is in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and they are the initiators. These are the signs that begin the seasons; they start things. That’s why this Grand Square is so active – it’s comprised of 4 initiators!

The 5th Pluto/Uranus square is part of this Grand Cross, which indicates revolution and rebellion against old, outdated structures that need to change. Or new ways of doing things vs. the way we’ve always done them (traditional). We’ve been in this energy for a few years, but because this square is part of a Grand Cross, it makes it more potent.

We are also in the Eclipse Period, which begins two weeks before the Lunar Eclipse (April 15th) and ends two weeks after the Solar Eclipse (April 29th). This creates an aura of unpredictability when dramatic events often occur.

The Lunar Eclipse is about endings, so watch what’s happening in the world and notice what’s ending in your life. Whatever’s ending needs to go, whether it’s external or an attitude or other internal experience, so let it go!

This is a major “Hallway” time, as we are all experiencing a changing world, not to mention what’s happening for us personally as well. (see offer in Note from Lisa above).

Venus (love, values, $$, worthiness) moves into Pisces tomorrow, sign of its exaltation. Compassion, empathy and a feeling of Oneness with All That Is is the antidote for all the depression, aggression and separation that is activated by the fear around change.

Whenever you feel panicky or low vibration, suspicious or frustrated, shift yourself by dropping into your heart. Connect with the energy of a loved one, a baby, a puppy, nature or something that humbles you and reminds you of the majesty of this life you’re living.

It’s the stories you tell yourself that are causing you pain. If you’re in an ending feel the grief, but you don’t have to make yourself – or anyone wrong for what’s happening.

If you’re going through anything that’s more than you can handle, get support. There are many resources available, whether you have money or not. Be creative and take good care of yourself.

There’s a lot going on, so use this time to shift and grow and release the shackles that have been holding you down!

Alert: Pay attention to long  Moon Void of Course periods this week.  Don’t schedule important meetings, dates, tasks or launches during Moon Void of Course times. The Void Moon is good for leisure, spiritual connection, routine and creative activities, but not for targeted results.

This is a good time to get your Perfect Timing Guide for the annual price of $111.00 for 12 months.

Knowing the Void Moon times and acting accordingly goes to your responsibility for creating what you want in life.



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