Approaching Uranus Retrograde – Aug 7, 2020

We continue along in Leo season, which invites play, creativity and Self-expression – especially with the Sun and Mercury in Leo! Enjoy it, however you can…

Venus shifts from social Gemini into sensitive Cancer today for a month, focusing on home, family, food, emotional connections and protection, nurturing, sensitivity and care. This is a sweet energy that encourages you to get your needs met, tend to your personal life/home and take care of those you love – a beautiful way to begin the week!

As Venus enters Cancer today, it crosses the World Axis (0º Cancer), where Solar Eclipse took place on June 21. The World Axis implies a world event, something of importance to the masses. Conventional wisdom indicates we may learn the Democratic VP Nominee (believed to be female = Venus). Or we may see something else altogether. Stay tuned…

On Aug 8, we have the Lion’s Gate, in which a powerful cosmic alignment occurs between the Earth and Fixed Star Sirius, opening a cosmic portal and access to higher frequencies. If you meditate, journal or channel, tune in for messages and see if there’s something there for you. With all the static and noise, it requires deep silence to receive Higher Guidance – and the quiet will soothe your nervous system as well. 

On Aug 9 Mercury trines Chiron (Wounded Healer/Spiritual Teacher), where you can use your ideas and words to transmit compassion, empathy and kindness to support others. The world is deeply in need of the healing and loving thoughts you generate, so please do your part by giving others the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. We are all human.

We’re approaching another turnaround, as unpredictable Uranus turns Retrograde on Aug 15 and it’s sitting still all week, heightening its impact and intensity. Expect sudden changes or reversals of direction, blindsides, opportunities, or surprising events – and even your own interests may shift. 

Uranus is an “anything can happen” planet that creates events that appear out of the blue, bringing things in or taking them out to shift the scene. Be flexible and willing to align with the incoming as much as possible, in order to be in a flow state. Resistance will create stress and block your energy, so do your best to adjust as necessary and be open to opportunities that come your way!

Mercury squares Uranus on Aug 10, indicating conflicting information, thinking or communication – or info overload (think ADD or too much info). Mercury is the planet of the mind and Uranus is its higher expression. A Uranus-Mercury square feels like rapid-fire info, crazy changes, conversations that leave you confused, trying to discern what just happened – or abrupt game changes.

Do yourself a favor and don’t react. Stay cool, no matter what. The more logical and conscious you are, the more you stay in your power. Being in reaction destabilizes you. Trust that you will be led to the right places, rather than buying into fear. And I really suggest you choose a conscious diet re: news and news sources, which all feel inflammatory to me these days.

Mars in fiery Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn on Aug 13, which is going to activate some major fight or conflict, either personally and/or in the world. Capricorn rules authorities, structures and governments and Aries is your will – can you see the setup for the conflict. Warrior Mars going up agains the power of Pluto will create havoc somewhere.

Personally, I suggest you play it cool, lay low and take methodical actions if you’re trying to make something happen. Don’t fight, don’t push, not now. The highest expression of Mars-Pluto is the ability to harness tremendous power to move mountains. If you’re going to pursue that track, be sure to align with your integrity for the Greater Good. Misuse of power creates bad karma… and is morally wrong.

And remember, as the week goes on we get closer the Uranus Station (Sat, Aug 15), which will likely bring some major shift or surprise, so prepare to observe rather than being in fear or reaction. 

We are all amazing spiritual warriors, living through a crazy time of undoing, challenge and chaos – and we’re doing it with grace. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. 

As always, I’m grateful for your presence on our path together. xo

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