Approaching Mercury Retrograde – September 2, 2022

This is a relatively quiet week that you can use to regroup, as the Sun in Virgo continues to seek efficient and effective strategies for sorting and organizing your life. With five planets Retrograde (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) + Chiron, you’ll be reassessing, so don’t get too attached to any one method, path or position regarding your future. 

We begin the US Labor Day holiday weekend in the slowdown of Mercury, as it approaches its Station Retrograde next Friday, Sept 9. Pay attention to messages you receive (inner and outer), as you’ll be reviewing this material in the weeks to come.

Mercury in Libra highlights relationships, partnerships and all one-on-one dynamics, so this will be your laboratory until Sept 23 when Mercury Retrogrades back into Virgo. Notice where you are out of balance in your relationships – too much sacrifice, compromising, accommodating – or are you demanding and dominant? Mercury in Libra rules diplomacy, fairness, balance and justice. The ultimate is a win-win! 

On Sept 2 Mercury opposes Jupiter in Aries (the first of three) – and trines Mars in Gemini. Mars sextiles Jupiter, which is dynamic, but Mercury opposite Jupiter can over-estimate, over-promise and with the best of intentions, doesn’t operate in grounded reality. Big visions, bright ideas and a leap-before-you-look mentality, with no details and unexpected challenges can easily arise.

This is highly optimistic energy with big ideas for the future – but Mercury soon Retrogrades, when it will reconnect with Jupiter (Sept 18) to receive new info and you may need a course correction – and then it will oppose Jupiter again on Oct 12, when Mercury is Direct and in a new place altogether. The third opposition of Mercury-Jupiter will bring the conclusion of this story arc, which will likely be different than the vision you started with. 

The upshot of Mercury opposite Jupiter: enjoy the inspiration and enthusiasm, proceed and explore, while you see what works/makes sense (Virgo) and bears fruit as you go. Doors will open where you’re on the right track and you can adjust your plans, actions and intentions as needed. 

On Sept 5-29, Venus leaves flashy Leo to enter humble Virgo, who demonstrates love via service. Venus in Virgo needs to be productive and will happily focus on your health and well being in practical ways. Take advantage of this productive energy and give loving attention to your body and physical regimens!

On the downside, Venus in Virgo can be hyper-critical of your physical appearance (or those of your partner or children) – so do an ego-check if you compare your looks to your younger Self or others, especially online. Don’t get carried away by a need for perfectionism in any area of life – that’s a red flag and different than a healthy job well done or knowing what’s good enough. Being able to make the distinction between the two is an analytical Virgo skill. 

Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception through Sept 22, as they are in each other’s signs, working together and helping each other (Mercury rules Virgo and Venus rules Libra). This is a beneficial combination of harmony, balance and productivity on mutilple levels that can be very useful. 

The rest of the week is quiet leading up to Mercury Retrograde on Sept 9 and the Pisces Full Moon on Sept 10. Use the weekend for down time if you can and give yourself a rest. A major part of the Self-care routine is mental-emotional-spiritual – the Pisces/Neptune domain – and space and rest provide you and your nervous system with great healing. Build in all that you can, with love.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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