Approaching Full Moon in Pisces – August 28, 2020

The Sun continues in Virgo, keeping you busy, getting organized, focusing on health or tending to details, as the Mars-Saturn square is now pulling apart. There is still conflict in the air or some obstacle that must be transcended and worked through, but the standoff is separating, giving you a little room to breathe.

Mercury is trine the Capricorn heavyweights this week (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn), facilitating optimism, insights, agreements and practical plans (depending on the contact it’s making), all positive and very beneficial. Yay. 

First, Mercury trines Jupiter on Aug 29, ripe for generating bright ideas, delivering and receiving good news, conversations that expand your horizons or highlight a big picture that inspires you and others. 

The mind, Higher Truth, wisdom and communications are all available to elevate your understanding and perspective. Take advantage of this energy if you’re creating something, need to have an important conversation, or are stuck and seeking a fresh solution.

On Aug 30, Mercury in Virgo opposes flowy Neptune, which can really diffuse Mercury, because in Virgo, it wants order, correctness and all the pertinent info delivered in a linear way. Neptune creates a feeling, a vision or dream (like a Monet painting); you get an overall sense, but not the specifics. It is nonlinear. 

This can manifest as confusing conversations, where you’re not sure what the other person is actually saying, misunderstandings, misinformation, disinformation (deliberately designed to deceive), secrets and/or double-talk. 

On a positive note, this combo works for creativity, spiritual practices, intuitive and higher dimensional access to information/messages. If any important communication or decision takes place today, get it in writing – and if you don’t have to do it today, don’t. Aug 28 or Sept 3 are much better. 

Also on Aug 30, sweet Venus opposes intense Pluto, coloring relationships with issues around power, trust, money and hidden agendas. Venus-Pluto can be love triangles and anything that interferes with your relationship dynamics – or it can be a deep connection with intense passion. Or money issues (again, think hidden agendas).

Just be careful if a mesmerizing or magnetic character appears and stirs your soul to the point where you abandon yourself and surrender to their will. Sounds sinister, but that is seduction. Maybe with social distancing, you’re safer, but it can be a $$ issue, too. Don’t make the impulse purchase today.

On Sept 1, Mercury trines Pluto, allowing you to access research, deep insights or what has been hidden. Great for getting to the bottom of a question or problem, tapping into your intuition or experiencing a psychological breakthrough if you are seeking it, especially on this Full Moon…

The Full Moon is in dreamy, compassionate Pisces on Sept 1 at 10:22 pm PDT, the culmination of things and when hidden issues/items come to light. In Pisces, this is an ideal time to meditate, be in nature, listen to beautiful music, be creative or go within to connect with Spirit. Stay tuned to see what will be revealed in your world.

The 72 hours prior to the Full Moon is when emotions run high and reactions can be overblown. Think of blowing up a balloon as a metaphor for the ascent of a Full Moon… the pressure continues to build until the Moon is full, when it “pops” and then the energy is released. Easy does it, go slowly and practice patience and compassion (for others and yourself) so that you move in grace and flow.

Pisces rules the collective unconscious, and humanity is approaching a decision regarding what it will experience as a collective reality. Know that the reality that will prevail is being created and anchored via the choices we are making now, both as individuals and as a collective. Be thoughtful, be mindful, do your homework to get the facts, rather than relying on soundbites, social media memes and gossip.

On Sept 2 Venus opposes Saturn, a day that’s ripe for $$ issues, relationship conflicts or challenges to getting your desires fulfilled. Whatever you are pursuing, you will likely have to wait or do extra work, as delayed gratification is the name of the game. 

But the Sun-Uranus trine that follows can bring unexpected changes or it can inspire you to try a new path altogether. Unless you use the Venus-Saturn energy to take methodical actions in response to an obstacle, discouragement can be used to awaken your “Inner Free Spirit” to rise above the heaviness and open a new door! The traditional way or a new way… you decide.

Finally, Mercury trines Saturn on Sept 3, when you can make constructive plans, agreements, contracts and have conversations that serve stability, structures and lasting creations. Warrior Mars in Aries is preparing to Station (stand still), to turn Retrograde on Sept 9 until Nov 12. This will slow down the action considerably and you can’t push your way through, so adjust your expectations and slow down.

Virgo season is a time of purification. Have an intention for your Self and your life. Pay attention to what needs to be eliminated, what needs strengthening and what needs to be created or called in. This time of less outer movement offers us space to focus on our priorities, which is grace. Yes, the space IS grace. Use it well. Take methodical actions, keep the faith and easy does it… 

As always, I’m so grateful for your presence on our path together. xo 

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