All Planets Direct / Sun in Aquarius – January 2021

We open the week with ALL planets traveling Direct until Mercury turns Retrograde on Jan 30, so movement will be relatively unconstrained now. When the Sun changes signs on Jan 19, you will feel the shift from heavy Capricorn (the old way) to visionary Aquarius, focused on ideas that align with our cultural evolution.

For those who are trying to resurrect the past, it’s going to be a painful reality check, as it’s impossible to bring back old structures that Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are deconstructing in order to rebuild in more elegant, efficient, productive and progressive ways. This is the path of the US for the next few years in a Pluto Return (death and rebirth). 

On Jan 17, Jupiter squares Uranus, creating excitement, incitement or unstable nervous energy that can activate hot spots, so be mindful. This combustible aspect can activate impulsive actions with rebellion or unexpected events. Jupiter-Uranus square creates restlessness and agitation, which is fertile ground for breakthroughs when utilized constructively – or chaos when in reaction.

Personally, this can motivate you to take actions to get unstuck or out of a rut, but globally, right now this is a setup for erratic behavior in response to discontent. Be mindful, use the 24-hour rule for sudden impulses (wait) – and choose soothing practices to stay calm and centered if your nervous system is frayed. 

The Sun moves into airy Aquarius on Jan 19, bringing light, innovative ideology for problem-solving and reconstruction for the Greater Good. Aquarius represents equality and objectivity, with a focus on humanity at large, rather than operating from self-centeredness. This goes to global humanity and how we can all work together.

Personally, the Sun in Aquarius offers the invitation to express your Authentic Self, your inner Free Spirit, or to break out of any setups in which you’ve traded your authenticity for security. When you are ready to come out of hiding, this energy supports your independence, being real and discovering that you can create a joyful, productive life while living your truth. This is the ultimate gift! 

On Jan 20, Mars conjuncts Uranus, activating some unanticipated action or sudden change. This is on the day of the US Presidential inauguration – and who knows what will happen with all the uprising as of late, but this indicates the warrior energy with the unexpected. 

Personally, you may make a sudden pivot – or we will watch it happen in the world. Stay tuned… and once again, lay low during potentially combustible times. Remember, politicians got the public all stirred up by promoting victimhood, which fueled violence. They fanned the flames, while sitting back and feigning innocence regarding any responsibility for the drama and deaths we witnessed last week.

I pray that this doesn’t happen again this week, but it could (in some new form). Our disagreement isn’t the problem. It’s the unwillingness to compromise and work together that keeps us stuck collectively. Who wants to live this way? 

Please take responsibility for your words and actions, especially now. You are part of the revolution, which isn’t served by attacking others – rather, it requires growing and evolving in this profoundly dramatic era of death and rebirth in our country. Do what you can to bring more love and connection, while you channel your passion into service and helpful actions. 

“The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way we use them.” ~ Unknown 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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