Abundance, Grace & Flow – Nov 10, 2017

6 years ago

We open the week with a Saturn-Uranus trine, allowing for change with stability and flow – in harmony. A gift. This is a time to work for movement in your life. You know what is complete, shaky or ready for an upgrade. This week is the time to take actions in service to progress.

Tap into the possibilities and abundance that are available this week from Jupiter aligning with Venus. The two benefic planets can attract money, opportunities, love/romance, pleasure, gifts and a general feeling of well being, which raises your vibration. Optimism, beauty and generosity are all expressions of this energetic blessing. Look for beauty – and create more beauty, inside and out.

You can also use Venus-Jupiter to overdo it if you are unconscious (lower expressions: addictions, overspending, overeating, etc) so direct your attention deliberately. Use this precious gift for your good, not for over-indulgence that is ultimately harmful.

There’s a spiritual principle indicating that ostentatious displays of wealth and glamour are a misdirection of energy and a poor substitute for higher states of consciousness. There’s nothing wrong with glamour/wealth unless it’s used to compensate for a feeling of lack or emptiness within (which it often is).

Enjoy your blessings consciously with reverence – and create more of what you desire, aligning with the Greater Good for all concerned. When you are happy and well you add to the well being in the world and can help others.

Venus-Jupiter conjuncts exactly on Mon, Nov 13. Make this week count for you. Reach for something good – expand the abundance in your life, whether it’s material, emotional and/or spiritual – or make it all three!

And know that with expansive, truth-seeking Jupiter in Scorpio (ruler of what’s hidden, sex and power), more revelations will be forthcoming about sexual violations that have been kept secret. This is not about sex – this is about power. Stay tuned… Jupiter just arrived in the sign of Scorpio a month ago; eleven more months to go and Higher Truth rules!

The Light Brigade is building all the time, no matter how things appear.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…


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