A Whole New & Different Year

10 years ago

I don’t know about you, but this year feels so different for me already!

I made some decisions last fall that have changed the trajectory of my path and development in a major way.

First, I committed to rejoin my business coach and mastermind group for 2013 in mid-Oct.

A few weeks later I was at the Avatar course in Orlando when I suddenly got the “intuitive hit” that I needed to step up to a higher level of service in Avatar and let go of the business coach/mastermind group, which felt like it had become redundant for me.

My business coach/group was a comfort zone, where there are always more good things to learn, but it didn’t feel like it was the path to my soul’s highest evolution. I had received what I needed there – and it was time to let go. This was a huge step, as I was very connected to my coach and to the group.

But that’s just the beginning… then I committed to a higher level of service in Avatar – after always being the “free agent” who could come and go at will. I could feel that this was the next step in my evolution – and a major stretch for me!

So I’m at the January Avatar course that I’ve never been to before, as I would normally be with my coaching group. The circumstances are different than I would have chosen (timing, students, etc.), and for the first few days I had some resistance, fearing that this was a mistake (What have I done?, Oh no!, etc…)

And then, the grace. Something is opening within me that I can’t even describe. I am integrating non-working patterns on a whole new level. Something magnificent is being born within me that will lead to the restructuring of my being and my life. Stay tuned…

The teaching is:

Life is profound. The opportunity you have to discover yourself – and dare to become who you came here to be IS THE GIFT!

Don’t get stuck in linear thinking, always with an agenda: how will this benefit me?

Faith, and following your intuition means that you don’t get a guarantee of HOW you will benefit or a particular outcome, up front. That’s the magic.

When you trust your intuition (Higher Self), it leads you to places you never would have gone otherwise and the most unexpected things can happen!

I so wish that you have the courage to take the road less traveled, the unfamiliar path that beckons to you in some way, and dare to explore your life – the precious gift that you have been given.

Find your magic. Know that exactly what is missing can be yours, but the path to get there may look different from what you think it should/will be. So try things. See what works for you – and when you find it, enjoy, indulge, dive in!

Your Authentic Self awaits you.

This is the way to begin 2013 – loving and honoring yourself. ♥

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