A Tsunami of Shifts ~ May 2020

This will be a week to remember, because except for a 3-week Mercury Retrograde from mid-Feb to mid-March and Pluto going Retro on April 25, all the planets have been Direct since mid-Jan 2020! That’s amazing – and just look at the territory we have covered since then, including the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. Wow.

That’s about to change abruptly this week (except for Covid19, already out of the box). Within a few days, three planets will turn Retrograde and two planets will change signs, creating a dramatic shift in the cosmic weather and our earthly experience.

The North Node just arrived in Gemini, leaving sensitive Cancer, calling us to seek info and other viewpoints, rather than clinging to our usual beliefs. Sounds simple, but it is definitely a challenge if your mind has been made up about who is who and what is what. Which is true for most of us.

The North Node guides us toward our collective destiny, so keep this in mind (pun intended :)) for the next 18 months. Our conflicts are based on our certainty that our way is the right way. This Nodal shift is a tall order, and I believe we have no choice but to learn to hear each other. Consider this a new spiritual practice.

On May 9, Mercury trines Pluto, good for problem-solving, deep conversations, research, insights and breakthroughs. Pluto goes beneath the surface to get the real story – and Mercury is endlessly curious. This energy feels extra helpful these days.

On May 10 Mercury trines Jupiter, with good news or a feeling of optimism that allows you tap into bright ideas/communications that can expand your world. Your thoughts and conversations feel positive, idealistic and/or well received.

The Sun sextiles Neptune as well, serving creativity, compassion, spiritual practice and connection to All That Is. Fertile, intuitive energy. The feeling of Divine Love and connection through this lens is a beautiful gift!

Mercury squares Mars on May 11, fueling arguments, irritability or edginess, so delay communications that feel potentially combustible and practice the 24 hour rule (wait :)). This can trigger you to speak your mind, so be mindful of what you say and to whom. And don’t read/watch things that fire you up!

Mercury moves into its home sign of Gemini next and you are interested in everything all at once! This is a lively Mercury, open to learning and socializing – kind of tricky from home. Read a new book, article, take a bike ride, walk or jog around the neighborhood and get some movement in. Enjoy!

Also on May 11, Saturn turns Retrograde until Sept 29, and during its path backwards, you will experience the results of actions you’ve taken since mid-Sept 19, when it went Direct. Saturn will move from futuristic Aquarius back into Capricorn for its final trip through old structures from July-Dec. Time to redo anything that needs tweaking or review where you currently are now.

Mercury trines Saturn on May 12, allowing you to make a plan, write a proposal, sign a contract or make a commitment. Mercury is communication or info and Saturn is a vow or something real and lasting. Very grounding.

Mars (action) goes from rebellious Aquarius into gentle Pisces on May 13, and Wu Wei energy is in effect; no confrontations, rather, flowing around obstacles. The path of least resistance, which is really soothing for the nervous system, too! This is NOT pushy energy, you move when you feel ready. Then you flow.

Also on May 13 Venus turns Retrograde until June 28, asking you to review all Venus topics – love, relationships, $$, financial issues, creativity, values and how you value your Self. This is fertile ground for exploration in order to bring greater satisfaction, enjoyment and fulfillment into your life. I will address this in a separate email, as it’s a profound topic for all quality of life issues.

The finale for the week is on May 14, when Jupiter turns Retrograde until Sept 13. Jupiter has been expanding since mid-Aug ’19 and now you get to review and course correct the territory you’ve covered.

We’ve been on a major trajectory of forward movement and on some level, it can be a relief to stop and assess where you are, how you feel about it and what is calling to you for care, attention, a shift or revision.

I can’t remember this much astro action in one week in my years of writing this newsletter. It’s a lot. Go slowly. Watch the show and consider various possibilities before making any major decisions to go forward. And if you can, wait.

As always, I’m sending you love and my most heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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