A Sacred Turning Point – Dec 30, ’16



Think of saying farewell to 2016 and entering 2017 as if you’ve moved to a foreign country. You speak the language pretty well, but you’re still not exactly sure how things work in this new land. You feel a little vulnerable, along with excitement for all the possibilities.

Welcome to 2017. Get ready for life in this new world. Your Maverick energy is being tapped for service now! Seeking the familiar is looking in the wrong direction. This is your opportunity to be a creator – and there’s not a prescribed “right” way to do it. The idea is to build your life in a way that works for you – not in theory, but for real. Radical!

We’re still in the wake of the Uranus Direct/New Moon energy, with other dynamic aspects that continue to deconstruct the known while tossing surprises into the collective, creating a Cosmic Swirl. Whatever you thought you knew for sure is up for review now (and going forward).

Life on planet earth is a reflection of this dramatic clearing, unwinding and restructuring that is taking place in ways that make it impossible to predict exactly where we’re going.

Your job at this time?

Feel what’s out of alignment for you, what needs cleaning up and clearing out of your life so that you are ready to go when Mercury turns Direct on Jan 8th. The next 10 days of Mercury Retrograde are prime time to get things in order.

The past may flash before your eyes, but if so, it’s only for review or appreciation, not for you to get pulled back into the illusion of happier times. And be mindful of addictive behaviors and how you keep yourself busy (going nowhere) by self-medicating, however you do it. Checking out is not an option now.

Take responsibility for your self-care and set yourself up for success by discerning what you need – and how best you can move forward.

Use this time to deliberately release, clear and organize (N. Node in Virgo), with a vision of what you want in the coming year.

You are creating the future right now in the midst of this dramatic Sacred Turning Point with the unexpected as the “new normal.”  The more flexible you are, the better.

You agreed to be here now – you need to create with intention, so get clear and get ready. Namaste, Pioneer, you’re on the move…

***New Year’s Eve Alert*** Mars conjunct Neptune for the next 3 days, exact on NYE. Mars (cars) and Neptune (drugs, alcohol) is a bad combo for party night on the road. Be careful. Uber or a designated driver who is not drinking is advised.

Rather than spending New Year’s Eve partying, you might want to welcome the New Year with reverence and a ritual by writing your intentions or a meditation to focus on your vision for 2017. Just want to offer an alternative to the indoctrinated idea of partying like a maniac in order to celebrate. In AA, we called NYE Amateur Night :)).

The Moon Void of Course guide lets you know when the energy is off for taking specific actions. Handy for maximum efficiency.



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