Current Astro – Feb 11, ’11

Sun, Mars, Mercury in Aquarius

Aquarius neon
The cluster of Aquarian energy, as the Sun, Mars, and Mercury continue their travel together, has the potential to express as rebellion, restlessness and/or a radical break from the usual.

The unrest in Egypt is an illustration of this, but what about your life? Are you feeling the need to break out of a rut – or is there stale energy that needs a shakeup?

This energy can also be channeled into eliciting your most brilliant, genius work, so focus on what you can create, rather than what/who you can fight. Or, if a confrontation feels in order to you, choose wisely and operate as diplomatically as possible. Saturn (authority) in Libra (partnership) can help with that.

At the same time, the extremely intense Venus-Pluto conjunction is ending, which releases you from the overwhelming drive to satisfy your deepest desires (or obsessions), whether they’re good for you or not. Pluto/Venus often awakens less  than healthy drives within – shadowy energies that work against you, so maintain discipline and think things through before you act.

Pluto Square Jupiter

Pluto neon

Pluto (power) is squaring Jupiter (expansion) for the rest of February, so please be mindful of control issues and ethics in your quest to achieve your

goals. This energy can create a monster if you don’t keep your ego in check, so  stay in your Higher Self.

Lower expressions of Pluto squaring Jupiter can lead you to rationalize inconvenient truths so that you feel free to go to any lengths to achieve your goals. If you abandon your integrity in order to “win” or to achieve success, you have gone unconscious and you’re heading down a slippery slope.

Jupiter is the planeJupiter neont that represents higher truth, integrity, high ideals, expansion and the big picture. It also wants more, more, more – and with Pluto in hard aspect, that can be a recipe for temptation and ultimately trouble, so don’t go overboard!

The highest expression of Pluto-Jupiter is tremendous ambition, extraordinary commitment and the ability to accomplish great work with focused intensity.

However, you MUST hold yourself to your highest standards if you feel tempted to violate your own morals, convictions, or ethics (all ruled by Jupiter) in order to be free and stay in the Light.

Chiron in Pisces ~ Feb 8, ’11 to ’19


Did you feel the energy shift as Chiron moved into sensitive, gentle Pisces on Tuesday? It may have been overshadowed by the intensity of Pluto/Venus, but it will be here now for almost ten years.

With Chiron (the wounded healer and spiritual teacher) in Pisces we can express greater empathy, compassion and the experience of connection to All That Is, or the knowing that All Are One.

I can’t emphasize enough how our world will be radically transformed as we move from judgment to compassion. Not only can you change the world – but you can change your life by breathing in love and light – and breathing out judgment and negativity when you find yourself in the mental spin cycle.

It requires discipline to stay conscious and keep your heart open. When you go into your head and start having mental conversations with yourself (and others), drop  into your heart in order to connect with your center or Higher Self.

The New Earth requires a high level of functioning from  you, but oh, it is SO worth it!!

Wishing you a blessed week.

“We’re not here to conquer; we’re here to activate our potential. It’s not about a personal achievement (ego), it’s about being in alignment with Spirit.” ~ Rev. Michael Beckwith

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