2nd Full Moon in Aquarius – August ’13

Birthing Light

Today Venus (planet of love, $$, creativity, beauty) moves into it’s own sign of “other”-oriented, harmonious Libra, leaving the orderly sign of Virgo. Feel and appreciate the shift from ‘busy doing’ into ‘beauty and connection’ as a deep inner drive. Allow the grace of Venus in Libra to harmonize relationships.

We have the 2nd (Blue) Full Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday evening and once again, the call is to harmonize the polarity between your personal desires (Sun in Leo) and the Greater Good of All (Aquarius).

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, the energy is amping up and tensions run high as the lunar waves activate emotions. Easy does it… go slowly and gently.

Can you put your ego aside to serve what’s best for the group, or the masses? That is the question – and the assignment.

How can you step into your leadership to contribute in a meaningful way that benefits everyone (or, more than just focusing on you and yours)?

It’s a beautiful task – and finding a way to be with this idea will call you into your Higher Self, should you accept the mission :)).

On Wed, Aug 21st Jupiter squares Uranus. This means that things can change suddenly – and if you are caught off guard, don’t be surprised. Or, you will be surprised – and it will make sense.

Jupiter (expansion, judgment) squares (tension/conflict) Uranus (sudden change, revolution). Just looking at the keywords lets you know that “regular” and “status quo” does not describe this combo!

This energy can cause disruption or you can align with the energy and allow it to help you break out of a rut you feel trapped in. Innovative solutions are always possible with Jupiter and Uranus. As they say: you can BE the lightning – or be hit BY lightning. Be proactive and make necessary changes. Get out of the box and let this energy carry you!

As usual these days, we have long stretches of Moon Void of Course periods this week. Pay attention so you don’t schedule important meetings, dates, tasks or launches during Moon Void of Course times. Here’s a link to get the Perfect Timing Guide if you need it.

Don’t take any actions that require a specific outcome when the Moon is Void of Course. The Void Moon is good for leisure, spiritual connection, routine and creative activities, but not for targeted results.

Knowing the Void Moon times and acting accordingly goes to your responsibility for creating what you want in life.


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