1st New Moon in Leo – July 23, 2017

We complete the energy of Cancer tomorrow as the Sun prepares for the first of two New Moons in Leo on Sunday, July 23 at 0º Leo.

We’ve just been through Uranus (change, rebellion) squaring the Sun and Mars in sensitive Cancer, creating discomfort, edginess and a feeling of things being out of whack. But when the New Moon arrives on Sunday, we encounter a huge energetic shift into creative fire!

This is a magical time to dream big and unleash your passion for your projects and desires. If you can’t “sell” your new creation – believing in it – how will anyone else get behind it? Don’t diminish your ideas by overthinking the “how” and bringing yourself down. Enjoy every moment of planting seeds of enthusiasm and joyful creation!

This is an extra special New Moon, with Mars (warrior, action) sitting on the Sun and Moon, giving it turbo-power. With the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury (communication) and the North Node (destiny) in Leo, you have the wind at your back! Don’t squander the opportunity to activate your ideas and take action to make things happen!

And Saturn (structure) is still in harmony with the North Node and Uranus (change) stabilizing your momentum with Divine Destiny.

A New Moon is always the time for new beginnings, but this one is extra special for several reasons. It’s the first of two New Moons in one sign – and it’s in Leo, which rules creativity, flair and self-expression. The second New Moon at the end of Leo is a major Solar Eclipse, meaning we don’t know exactly WHAT will happen, but we know it will be very dramatic!

On Monday, Venus (values) opposes Saturn (structure) and you may feel deflated, discouraged or unloved. Refrain from self-judgment and use the energy for increased self-discipline and self honoring. Show up for your Self! Self-abandonment is the worst thing ever – when you actually let yourself down or turn on yourself. Don’t do it! Use Venus – Saturn to make a commitment to your Self!

Please make good use of this creative New Moon in Leo. Spend time deciding what you will begin on Sunday and know the actions you will take to get the ball rolling.

Rebellious Uranus goes Retrograde in a few weeks, followed by Mercury, which will create havoc with electronics and challenge the flow of life.

Use the current energy to create momentum by taking action and planting new seeds. This is important. You’ll have plenty of time to course correct later.

Namaste  – dream BIG and make a move!

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