We open the week with some of the sweetest aspects, which are always welcome! Venus is conjunct Mercury on Feb 13, inspiring harmonious conversations and connections, bringing warmth, creative ideas, projects or expressions and a real desire for heartfelt communications. With Mercury Retrograde until Feb 20, it’s an ideal time to reach out to old friends or make amends if needed, so use it well. 

Also, Mars sextiles Neptune on Feb 13, inviting you to rest or move via your intuitive guidance. Wu Wei is a Taoist principle about movement via flow around obstacles rather than pushing through. Go within to tap into this energy for spiritual practice, creative endeavors or any actions, as you align with the natural rhythms around you. Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream… :))

On Feb 14, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter, indicating good news, positive communications and an upbeat outlook that makes life manageable, perfect for communications of all kinds. Due to its Retrograde, Mercury connects with Jupiter three times (Jan 11, Feb 13, March 5), so watch the unfolding story around these dates that happens for you.

There may be a problem you’re seeking to solve or an unfolding story re: your path or direction. Bright ideas offer new perspectives that open doors to create your future. We are still in New Moon energy, with lots of Aquarius planets, focused on awakening to the Greater Good through visionary eyes. This is a fertile time for revolutionary ideas and radical solutions, so be open to what comes across your radar.

With perfect timing for Valentines Day, Venus trines the North Node of Destiny on Feb 14, promoting love, connection, abundance and those you hold dear. We know that love heals – and on this day, let this be a reminder to offer kindness and appreciation for all, especially the ones you love. Tell them. Let them know. Your love adds light to the world and to the lives of others.

All month, Saturn (structure) and Uranus (liberation) have been in a square, one degree apart, and you have felt the push-pull conflict of security/stability vs. radical change. On Feb 17, the square will be exact, and you will really feel where you’re rigid or fearful and where you want to break out of stale constructs. Or if you’ve been feeling this, the volume will be turned up on the exact square. Expect some disruption or notable conflict in the world to illustrate this energy – and the trick is to keep your focus on your desired outcome. Don’t go down the rabbit hole of drama if something happens.

Sometimes a chaotic event is required to break up stagnant energies, so don’t fear the changes, even when they’re intense. There’s a bigger picture and we, as a collective, are being led to new territory. If you experience this personally, know that you are being redirected as well…

An adventurous spirit will serve you well as you focus on possibilities for the future, rather than seeking to recreate the past. We will never go back to the way it was again. Inventive imagination and solution-oriented thinking will stretch your mind and create new neural pathways every time you open to new ideas or concepts.

A Saturn-Uranus square will not achieve a high resolution by flipping to one side or the other, rather, we need to move to a higher plane where the two sides meet in a new way. Saturn desires security and what’s familiar. Uranus wants revolution and new rules. Creating a fresh construct with a greater vision is where we’re going, but it may be messy getting there. Buckle up. The need to be right, rather than being flexible, creates problems.

Do yourself a favor and wherever you feel rigid, see if/how you can loosen up. Doing things differently opens your mind and helps you trust yourself and life even more. A routine can become a prison if you hold it so tightly there’s no room for growth or evolution. Just a thought to consider, even for the processes that work for you, as this speaks to your personal development. 

Remember that Uranus brings unexpected changes that can feel like blindsides, so prepare for them by deciding – in advance – not to be reactive. Don’t buy into drama and become as centered as possible before making any decisions in response to events or information. This is also about your well being and inner development, so don’t dig your heels in (back to being rigid or right). Consider your options and know that we’re in a major period of transition and progress and your job is to grow with it.

Remember when all those sci-fi movies seemed so far-fetched and now we’re living many of the stories and experiences portrayed in films? If you resist the future, it will be hard to keep up with the creation of our New Earth and all that will be generated. 

What an adventure! And just think, you came to be part of it!

Enjoy the ride. Keep stretching, keep evolving, keep growing. We’re on the fast track now!

“There are no guarantees. From the viewpoint of fear none are strong enough. From the viewpoint of love none are necessary.” ~ Emmanuel

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 


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