Uranus & New Moon in Taurus – May 2018

We’ve had quite a build-up to this week, with anticipation and curiosity re: what’s to come. We are dealing with a combo of electric Uranian energy and grounded Taurus energy. Both have their place, but they can upset one another, so your work is to stay grounded as things change – in 3D and via your perspective/thinking.

Later tonight thru Sat, Mercury (communication) squares Mars (warrior), creating the potential for arguments, attacks (you or them) or accidents. Words as weapons, aggressive thinking of pushing your ideas. Easy does it, not just this weekend, but all week. Be mindful.

On Sunday (Mother’s Day), Mercury moves into stable Taurus after passing by excitable Uranus. Be open to new connections, info, messages or “downloads.” Uranus is genius (higher octave of Mercury), so pay attention to radical messages or ideas. You never know where they may lead.

On Tues, it’s the New Moon in Taurus @ 7:48am EDT, a practical, earthy, grounded sign that rules the Earth, your body, the physical world, what you value and how you value yourself. Taurus loves comfort, pleasure and it relates to the material world, always wanting to know: what is mine (my things) and where is my money? Security is B-I-G! Taurus is a builder, who likes to move slowly and steadily with a no or low-risk plan.

So take action after 7:48am EDT on Tues to activate anything you want to begin, grow or activate on this New Moon. Make your intentions. Write them down – and leave space for the unexpected to come in, because this is no ordinary New Moon in Taurus.

The big event? Uranus (The Revolution/Great Awakener) moves into Taurus (values), just after the New Moon, shaking up the status quo for the foreseeable future. Our values are up for examination, which you can see is already happening. Think bitcoin, government norms overthrown, changes in the earth, or innovation re: care for the body. Or lots of new possibilities. Uranus is the planet of sudden change, so we can’t know what will happen.

There is a lot of fear out there about what this could mean – to the earth, to the economy, to your well being. Fear weakens you by lowering your vibration, placing your attention on what you don’t want. Don’t go there!

Use this fertile Taurus energy to stay grounded with impeccable Self-care, and increase your feelings of security by trusting your Self to be able to create what you need. Seriously. Learn how to create what you need. This is the remedy for $$ issues. Get help if you need it – and make the help practical, not just theory.

Taurus is the most Fixed sign (commits and stays the course) and because of this tendency, is the most resistant to change. The dynamic of Uranus in Taurus (conflicting agendas) will be part of our underlying container. So use the energy of Uranus in Taurus to help you get unstuck or spring you from any rut that you are currently in.

Also, when you’re in the present moment, grounded in your connection to your core and Higher Self, you will feel more stable as changes occur around you, without letting them rock your world. This is the best case scenario – using the energy of change for your Highest Good – and staying as present as possible when changes happen in your environment, so you can make good decisions.

On Wed, Mars (warrior) moves into rebellious Aquarius, squaring Uranus (change) which almost certainly will activate some kind of dramatic world event. Stay tuned, while moving slowly and deliberately in your own world.

We’re making a major turns as a collective. Notice how it impacts your life and get ready to make changes to use the energy for your Higher Good.

This is dynamic – and our job is to make it as productive as possible.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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