Wow, what a month. Uranus turned Retrograde, we’ve had a Lunar Eclipse, Mercury went Retrograde, five planets + Chiron Retrograde, all leading up to the big event – the total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Mon, Aug 21 that can be seen exactly through a swath of land across the United States. There’s lots attention on it – and it will be a sight to behold.

A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with exponential power and it’s effects can be felt before during or after (sometimes months after) it’s actual

occurrence. This is just one of the weird things about Eclipses – they appear to affect time and space.

Leo is the sign of creativity and Self-expression, leadership, the star or CEO, the performer or center of things. Leo is Royalty in astrology – literally and figuratively regrading your mindset. Leo came to step up and express your individuality – not to hide by trying to fit in. Just a reminder for you Leo Sun, Moon, or Rising people out there.

Eclipses create wormholes, in which distant realities can be traversed in a very short time. This opens the door for unexpected events that can happen quickly and dramatically, beyond the bounds of usual expectations or conventional wisdom. So thinking you know what will happen is not the idea. Stay tuned…

If you have a planet or angle that’s within 3º of 29º Leo (the Eclipse degree) in your astrology chart, you will have a personal effect from

this Eclipse. The house your planet is in will tell you the area of life where you will experience the changes.

There are a few extra notable elements about the astrology of this Solar Eclipse:

• It’s on a Fixed Star called Regulus, which is The Heart of the Lion. Higher expressions of Regulus are: independence, courage, confidence, power, authority, leadership, as the proud ruler. Not afraid to fight for a cause and make their mark on the world. The downside and lower expression of Regulus: revenge and pettiness. Sound like anyone we know?  This is the karma that will bring you down, so heed the message to let go, forgive and focus on your own journey.

• Uranus (change, genius) is in perfect harmony with this Solar Eclipse, instigating an easy, new path of opportunity that can come your way out of the blue! How fabulous is that? Don’t be too cautious, check it out!

• The North Node of Destiny sits on this Solar Eclipse, moving us forward, collectively and personally if this hits your chart directly. Even with the chaos that we’re enduring, we are being moved forward. Even the shadows that are being exposed have a purpose that ultimately will be good. Consider it the first step in a cleanse of sorts.

• Mars (action, the warrior) is in harmony with Saturn (responsibility) on the Solar Eclipse, grounding the energy with deliberate, measured actions. Take that as a hint for yourself in how to move forward :))

Set your intentions for the Solar Eclipse. Let this be a reset in your life for where you want to go or what you want to do that you’re clear about. And set your intention for clarity and direction if you don’t know.

Easy does it. Five planets Retrograde is a lot of energy going towards undoing and redoing old, outdated, shaky structures in your life. Anything that needs review will come up for attention and correction.

Actions taken after the Solar Eclipse are especially good if they speak to planning, reorganizing, researching and getting ready for something to

launch in Sept, after Mercury goes Direct (on the EXACT degree of the Eclipse!).

P.S. Something big is going to happen on Sept 5 or shortly thereafter… that’s how it works. The “Eclipse degree” is hot, so when another planet activates it, something can happen.

I’m a little late with this because about an hour ago the report surfaced that Steve Bannon is leaving the White House today and I was glued to the news. Eclipse story!!

What’s your Eclipse story? You will know because it’s a big event or moment in your life – and remember, it can happen before, during or after the actual Eclipse, so pay attention. It may already have happened. It’s something that changes your life and you know it.

If you don’t have it, get your Mercury Retrograde report to be in the know.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…

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