I’m holding the current energy as “more Jedi training.” Remember that you agreed to be here now and help humanity the best you can. I consider personal experiences and soul agreements. It’s all happening simultaneously, which is sometimes helpful to remember when you get mired in personal challenges. A bigger picture. So…

Tension rises as we approach the Full Moon in Capricorn on Sat night, with Pluto (power, upheaval) on the Moon and Mars (warrior, action) with the Sun. On Monday Pluto opposes the Sun, so more pressure. This setup intensifies issues around security and power, which can bring out the worst in people in reaction to their own unconscious fears.

Fear is fuel for lower expressions via attitudes, actions, and behaviors that create separation, a belief in the need for protection and aggression (which includes being self-righteous). Ask yourself in any given situation where you feel trepidation, “Is this really true or am I creating drama?”

Consider how you would act if you felt safe when you feel pressured challenged or threatened. The mind can mislead you – and with Neptune and Chiron Retrograde, they can bring up unhealed delusional or victim patterns. Old stuff that rises up and brings you (or others) down – a sabotage piece.

Self-care and getting your needs met is primary now with the Sun in Cancer. When in doubt, be still to feel your feelings and quiet your mind. Come back to center before taking actions, if possible. And this isn’t about endurance, it’s about upgrading your ability to stay present no matter what’s happening in our new world…

Do your best, but don’t assume you’re justified if you’re involved in a power struggle. Everybody has a part in what’s happening and the high level work is to find out what is yours. That’s healing and personal responsibility. High level stuff.

This dynamic energy is good for breakthroughs or accomplishing difficult tasks. Productivity is rewarded. Stay high and grounded and see what comes to light on the Full Moon, which highlights your needs, security (Sun in Cancer) and your Authority/work (Moon in Capricorn).

At the same time, Mercury (communication) has moved into creative Leo and Venus is in social Gemini, connecting happily together. This makes for lively conversation, social activities and bright ideas that you can share with others. It’s a happy alternative to the heaviness – and it can raise your vibration with people and activities that lift you up.

Namaste and easy does it, my friends…

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