New Moon Afterglow – May 26, 2017

We had a New Moon in Gemini yesterday, which continues to reverberate in the energy of new beginnings and facing what needs attention in your life. On the one hand you are inspired to do or create something new (Grand Trine in Fire with Saturn, Uranus and the North Node), while also facing anything that needs attention in order to make it happenI’ll break this down…

The New Moon calls for you to start something – or to put energy into anything you want to grow. This is a time for action. Feel into where you are now and what you desire going forward (not what you THINK you can have, what you DESIRE). What can you do today toward that end?

We still have a Grand Trine (3 planets in a harmonious triangle) in fire (action) – Uranus (change), Saturn (structure) and the North Node (destiny). This is the holy trinity for making stable changes that lead to your life purpose or Great Work – which can either be professional and/or personal development.

***A Grand Trine is energy that is available to you, but it won’t push you to take action (because it’s harmonious) – YOU have to be motivated to utilize it. Lots of people have Grand Trines in their birth chart – or experience one like we have now and do nothing with it, so it just passes them by. Use it or lose it. Your life, your choice :))

Pluto (transformation) is squaring Venus (values). Go deep to feel what you really want to experience or create in your life. Don’t settle for superficial comfort when there’s something deeper that you desire. Trust that if it’s in your consciousness, it’s for you.

Pluto square Venus can activate control issues and jealousy around power, $$ and relationships. This is shadow energy, with Pluto ruling what’s hidden, often that we don’t know about – or don’t want to. Do yourself and favor and notice what comes up for you, if anything. Then get support to integrate the unwanted thoughts, behaviors and feelings that interfere with your peace and power.

Pluto-Venus can lead to your deepest desires if you go within and follow your heart. Journal, meditate, walk in nature or do something creative to open to freer, more intuitive messages than your logical mind (that holds all the limitations). Play with this. Explore. There are messages waiting for you, deep within.

Saturn (structure) opposing Mars (action) is in place for the next few weeks. You want to go forward, but hit obstacles, meaning something isn’t right or ready yet. Either you need more details, more clarity, restructuring or more discipline in order to get things moving. This can be frustrating if you’re impatient or unwilling to do the necessary work.

*Antidote: rather than allowing Mars opposite Saturn to rain on your parade, thinking “This won’t work,” make it your business to discover what is needed – and then find a way to make it happen. Your attitude is everything, so don’t give up! Keep your eye on your vision and do the next right thing…

With the Sun and Mars in Gemini (multitasking, curious, communications), the energy is all over the place. This is a dynamic and often chaotic time of unwinding and rebuilding in the world, during which issues around power are highlighted.

Keep going. When you give up, you give up your power and you give up on your Self. Don’t do it! There’s lots of help available if you’re willing to look.

Show up, knowing that there’s a bigger picture and that you are being led somewhere. As your life evolves, you model possibilities for others. Not a life for show, but a life that fits you and serves the world.

Namaste, Pioneers. So grateful to be on the path with you as we create our new frontier!

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