Mercury Retrograde is in full swing now – an invitation to slow down and be more deliberate as you navigate holiday parties, shopping, travel and celebrations. People blame a lot on Mercury Retrograde, but it mainly affects info, travel, communications, and thinking. Any major occurrance is likely not about Mercury Retrograde, just so you know…

Mars (action, will) is in early Pisces, which can create frustration if you feel like you can’t get your mojo working. Don’t push. Flow, and use your intuition to move forward.

Mars is approaching the South Node (the past) and Neptune, which is a setup for putting energy into something that’s ultimately disappointing. There’s an element of somehow trying to recreate the past. Don’t go there. Embrace the future, seek fresh perspectives and try on new ways of operating. Liberate yourself from old patterns and create new neural pathways. This is the path to your evolution in our changing world.

Tomorrow, Saturn (structure) is trine Uranus (change), creating a perfect setup for making changes with a feeling of stability. Hallelujah! This is such a blessing and I urge you to utilize this energy by making a plan, a change, or a move – something to realign your life with your Authentic Self (Uranus). Are you noticing a theme here?!

Christmas Day/Hanukah has beautiful bonding energy – Venus trine abundant Jupiter in harmony with Uranus and Saturn. Plus, the Moon is Void of Course from 2:22am-10:19pm, so it’s a perfect day for leisure, family, friends and having fun. Maybe some excitement with Uranus opposing Jupiter, but the feeling is Light and bright! Kwanzaa on Monday, is a great day too (yay!).

Uranus is opposing Jupiter for the next few weeks. Opportunities may suddenly appear that offer you liberation and a way out of stuck energy or limitations that you are currently experiencing. Whatever feels stale in your life, Uranus-Jupiter is a remedy — but you have to take action when an opportunity appears or it can just as quickly disappear.

I don’t want to promote scarcity consciousness by saying you should act quickly if something resonates with you, but just know that when a fabulous opportunity appears, you may miss  your chance if you take too much time and overthink it. Doubt will do that to you, so get support if you need it.

How do you tell the difference between an action motivated by higher energy or lower? Immediate decisions can either be about trusting your intuition completely and committing to your Truth — or they can be fear-based, where you’re afraid of losing something (lower energy). If fear is in the mix, you’re on the wrong track. Alignment between your decisions and your Higher Self is the path you want.

The New Moon is in ambitious Capricorn on Thurs, Dec 29 @ 1:53am EST. Pluto (power/transformation) and Mercury are both in Capricorn, providing extra energy to focus on future plans and goals that can transform your life.

Serious Capricorn rules commitment, goals, structure, methodical planning, boundaries, responsibility, achievement and reality. Where do you need to get real in your life? Fantasyland won’t serve you (Neptune, S. Node).

With Chiron squaring Saturn (Ruler of Capricorn), it will show you if you aren’t in your Authority – where you don’t fully trust yourself. The object is to get support to heal or integrate this pattern – you aren’t meant to stay this way.

Capricorn is the Lord of Karma, where you get back in equal measure what you put out. Where do you need to develop discipline in your life? This is the time to make a commitment to your Self that will lead to real progress.

You get self-esteem by doing esteemable things. Mars, S. Node. Neptune call lull you into addictive behaviors (over-eating, drinking, shopping, longing for the past), while the New Moon in Capricorn asks you to snap out of it and take responsibility for what you’re creating!

Capricorn is the sign of the Authority and it’s also your Inner Authority.

Are you operating from your Inner Authority and living your truth or do you need external approval/permission to be who you are, or to choose a course of action?

Capricorn supports you claiming your Authority, which requires you to be responsible, conscious, conscientious and committed to showing up.

Uranus, which has been sitting still all week, turns Direct on Thursday morning, too. Get ready for some surprises, exciting energy and unexpected opportunities (it’s opposing lucky Jupiter). Uranus is innovation – not only new, but thinking out of the box and daring to do something different! Use it, enjoy it and embrace the Light!

There’s a lot happening this week energetically. Appreciate your loved ones and the blessings in your life. Focus on how you can contribute going forward together with your tribe. Get in the game and let’s go!

Merry, happy blessings one and all.

The Moon Void of Course guide lets you know when the energy is off for taking specific actions. Handy for maximum efficiency.


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