Leo MoonscapeLeo MoonscapeLeo MoonscapeWe are still in the spin cycle while old outdated structures (literal and figurative) continue to rumble and crumble, so that they can be rebuilt.

It’s easy to get charged up and into an unproductive argument with Mercury squaring Mars today, so easy does it. Hold your tongue, no matter how right you think you are, and wait for another day to handle touchy issues.

Uranus has been sitting still all week activating unexpected changes, communications/info (hacked emails/voicemails), but today it stops to turn Retrograde, raising the reactivity-meter and the potential for being blindsided.

The power of Uranus is two-fold: the revolutionary change it brings – and the destabilizing shock of the unexpected. When the playing field is shifted without warning, it’s easy to go into reaction, especially if your well being feels threatened.

This is the time to take a moment to re-center and drop out of your head into your body and breathe, take a walk (in nature if possible), a bath (water is soothing), listen to music, an inspirational message or meditate. It will help you create space so you can decide deliberately what to do next rather than becoming a human reactor.

The energy is even more loaded because Pluto’s twin, dwarf planet Eris, is conjunct Uranus creating heightened chaos, conflict and upheaval. This has been going on for months and it’s going to continue throughout much of the fall – kind of like the Uranus-Pluto energy.

Transformation is not for wimps and we are deep in it. This can activate anger, depression, anxiety – and underlying all these are unmet needs, crying out for attention. Take good care of yourself and get help if you feel yourself spiraling down. Community is vital for maintaining a feeling of connection – and please choose happy people to be with :))

Everyone I know is transforming in some way, so don’t resist the breakdowns. If it feels like something is falling away, it’s meant to. And don’t frame it as a failure on your part – think Hallway, endings, completions, rebirth, the future and your evolution. And speaking of rebirth…

The New Moon in Leo is on Tuesday, Aug 2 @ 4:44pm EDT, so get clear about what you want to create next and take action toward it AFTER the New Moon. You can plan before the Moon is new, but wait to put it out in the world afterward.

Leo is here to lead, to create something original, and to be The Light, so really focus on where you’re meant to be going next. And if you don’t know – dream, brainstorm, play, and see what comes up when you give yourself space rather than pressuring yourself to generate.

This is the time to plant seeds and get going because Mercury Retrograde is coming on Aug 30th through much of Sept.

Get the care and support you need to stay afloat, while you handle whatever needs your attention – and know that your life is meant to be changing now. Don’t resist the changes. Flow, grow, and keep looking for all the possibilities that are available for you now!

The Moon Void of Course can easily derail intended outcomes and create chaos instead of smooth productivity – and it is also the optimal time to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.Leo Moonscape

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