11/11 and Integrating the Eclipses – November 2022

After months of intensity, we open up and begin to integrate energies, info and experiences we have been presented with, that we lacked the mental, emotional, physical space and bandwidth to process at the time.

Consider this a week of Grace, beginning on 11-11-22 – a portal of Light, moving from duality to Oneness via higher vibrational realms where you live from alignment with your Higher Self and have extra power to manifest from that consciousness. The healing for the harshness is “yin,” Divine Feminine, receptive and nurturing energy that is Taurus – where the North Node of Destiny (or Fate) is, the values we hold dear.

Nov 11 – Sun square Saturn – the end of something, a completion or closing a chapter. Or perhaps there’s more work to do, a perceived obstacle or a problem to solve. Do the work, handle the situation and make any needed decision or if there’s a delay, be patient. Results will come right on time (Divine Timing).

From Nov 12 – 17 Mercury, Venus and the Sun are going to make harmonious connections with Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter, which will shape your understanding of what’s occurred and what’s happening, offering you an inspired vision of possibilities going forward. FYI, harmonious aspects between planets are called trines (120º) and sextiles (60º), and they are both flowing and easy.

Nov 12 – Mercury trine Neptune – perfect for creativity, spiritual practices, intuitive pursuits, creative writing, dreams, storytelling, filmmaking or connecting with others via compassion or empathy. This is a soft, gentle whimsical energy, full of creative ideas. It’s also a subtle, yet profound container for processing stored or unconscious info and generating insights that can empower you with a new understanding when you least expect it (in a liminal state, pre-awakening, meditating, bathing – or dreaming).

Nov 13 – Venus sextile Pluto – desires and connections are deep, you want to be connected to people and things that you trust, that feel safe to you, where you can be real. Secrets can be revealed, but really, you are craving that which is beyond the superficial. Some of you live this way all the time, so this will be just another day, with Venus issues highlighted (what you value, how you value your Self, love, $$ creativity).  

Nov 14 – Mercury sextile Pluto – problem solving is on the table, as Mercury has the data and Pluto the tenacity to go deep to find the answer, what’s hidden, missing, overlooked. You may be discussing contracts or agreements, considering a major purchase. Mercury-Pluto is persuasive, magnetic and gifted at reading people, situations and reading between the lines. The guidance is to be in integrity and avoid manipulation, especially when you really want your way.

Nov 14 – the Sun trine Neptune – just after Mercury-Pluto, softening the energy and adding a receptive layer to the intense focus already in process. This lightens the energy considerably, bringing compassion, a heart connection and a sense of release into the mix, knowing that All is well and you’ve done all you can, depending on the activity at hand. 

Nov 15 – Venus trine Jupiter – this is the classic relationship, love and abundance combo, which brings feelings of well being, optimism, generosity, affection and blessings that lift you up. This aspect is about giving and  receiving – love, goodness, $$, attention, affirmations – whatever it is that you magnetize to you, and your job is to graciously accept it, acknowledge it (just say, “Thank you”), and rub it into your heart.

Exchanges of love and unexpected gifts will be expressed today and what a blessing that will be for all involved. Remember, you are creating a new template for your life and modeling the same for those around you. A perfect day to ask for a date, have a first date, make a connection, call someone you’ve been meaning to…

Nov 16 – Venus in Sagittarius – Venus leaves deep, intense Scorpio and moves into upbeat, positive Sagittarius. Now Venus is on the move, ready for an adventure, to mingle with others, explore new territories, travel to foreign lands or mix with those from other cultures, ready to expand her horizons. This is a freedom-loving, hot-to-trot Venus who won’t be tied down, so get ready for action!

Nov 16 – Mercury trine Jupiter – can generate optimism, positive thinking, good news, smart plans, contracts, business deals, bright ideas; it can expand your conceptual framework and creativity, activating a fountain of ideas. Your communications may become next level in effectiveness, with the right words just rolling off your tongue. Mercury and Jupiter are a magical combo with the mind and Higher Mind working together to created endless possibilities. If you have a connection to make, a sale, a favor to ask, a request, a date to go on – or want to channel a big vision, surrender to your Higher Self and let it guide you today.

Nov 17 – Mercury in Sagittarius – although Mercury deals with details, Sagittarius isn’t interested in details, b/c it’s a big picture sign and very direct, so it will speak its mind and won’t fact-check, because it’s focused on concepts. So it can be blunt and opinionated, but it’s in service to being honest (Sagittarius is the Truthteller). It is idealistic, enthusiastic and always sees opportunities. Find what is meaningful to you and use Mercury in Sag to brainstorm future plans and possibilities.

What a week we have coming! It’s such a dramatic turnaround after all the jagged energies, the soothing, supportive, nourishing potential will allow us to integrate what has landed for us at a body, mind, emotional and soul level, organically as needed, trusting the wisdom of higher forces to guide All that’s taking place. 

Know that you are blessed and YOU are a blessing. 

”The only difference between stumbling blocks and steppingstones is the way in which we use them.” ~ Unknown 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an empowered, meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️

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