Purple Hearts

This feels like a time of grace, especially in the first half of the week, when there are flowing energies that allow for peace, harmony and opportunities for forward movement.

Neptune, planet of Divine Love, alternate realities (higher and lower), dreams, and all things mystical, is Stationing to turn Direct on Wed, Nov 18th. This brings either a beautiful nonlinear energy of compassion and empathy into your space – or confusion and spaciness. If you feel lost, unclear or overwhelmed, widen back and relax.

Remember that All is in Divine Order and then just do the next right thing. If you get jammed up, take a walk and shift your vibration. Use the energy of Divine Love and compassion to connect with your Higher Self and the bigger picture of what your Spirit wants.

Where are you being called? What are you being guided to do? What is your real purpose here on Earth? I assure you, it’s not to get more approval, recognition, Facebook “Likes,” cash and prizes, or a 401K. Following the call of your heart and Higher Self will guide you to make radically different choices than you would through the voice of your ego, which thrives on competition, security, fear and separation.

Use this opportunity to align in a meaningful way that honors the truth of who you came here to be. This is your life and the choices you make will determine the outcome that you experience. Allow yourself to be of service in a way that makes you feel alive and fully connected. You will be forever grateful – and happy.

Going forward, if you’re open to it, you will be led to magical, new places that will weave together threads from your life in the most unexpected ways! We are in the process of creating the New Earth that we have visioned and dreamed of, so have reverence for your contribution and what we’re doing collectively. The time is Now and this is it!

Pay attention to the Moon Void of Course periods this week, which are optimal times to access your creativity, enjoy spiritual pursuits or leisure activities, and get clear about your priorities.

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