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Accelerated awakening, empowerment and freedom.

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Discover Who You Came Here To Be

Leaping Light

Free Yourself

Identify the hidden patterns that hold you hostage. Break through to discover your Authentic Self and access your creating energy!

Live On Purpose

Find your True Life Purpose and Destiny – it just may surprise you! Live joyfully from the highest expression of your gifts, strengths, and talents.

Enjoy Abundance

Open to receiving and allowing the Greater Good into your life. Create more freedom, abundance, love and joy in your life… and in the world!

Soul Level Solutions are course corrections at the deepest level that will change your experience of your Self and your life - forever!

Are you ready to move forward rather than going in circles? When you are ready, the map is right here for you, and the good news is that you can change and grow with love, support, and positivity. And it doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process!

I share my intuitive gifts and wisdom, along with impeccable resources, so that you can move forward and transcend the obstacles that are blocking the highest expression of your Authentic Self.

If your life is not a reflection of your heart’s desire, have a session with me and let me help you  – a change of consciousness is guaranteed!


What Clients Are Saying

Christine Kane

‘So, I’m not someone who runs around getting readings from just anyone. I wanted to work with Lisa because she truly lives what she teaches and because she gets people at a very deep level.

Lisa is more than an astrologer. She’s a guide for your clarity and a coach for your life direction. Sometimes we can be vaguely aware of what’s in the way, or the mindsets that are holding us back from our next best steps.

Lisa is able to gently shine a light on those places and reveal to you the perfect practices and heart-centered action steps that will create your authentic awakening into your purpose. ~Christine Kane, Mentor To People Who Are Changing The World’

Cari Cole

‘I’ve had many astrological readings, but none compare to the compassionate, caring and spot-on insight of astrologer, healer and Avatar Master Lisa Zimmerman.

Lisa has the laser perception to see where you are stuck, what is holding you back from your destiny and gives you the tools to course correct in just one session.

Her heart is made of pure gold – the kind you can take to the spiritual bank – she’s the real deal! ~Cari Cole, Celebrity Vocal Coach, Artist Development, Music Biz Career Coach’

Carey Peters

‘When I met Lisa back in 2009, I knew I was STUCK and STRUGGLING. I told her my astrological sign and she proceeded to tell me things about myself, my history and my life purpose that made my jaw drop.

I booked a Natal Chart and Solar Return reading on her website almost immediately after meeting her!

My readings with Lisa were so profound – especially around discovering my divine purpose and how to fulfill it – that I’ve been scheduling readings with her regularly since then.

When I read through my notes from all our sessions, I’m blown away by how much of what she shared with me was dead-on accurate.

Lisa’s astrological expertise, her incredible intuition and her deep love and caring have changed my life in numerous ways. I went from a new coach, just starting out, to the co-founder of a multi-million dollar international coaching school.

I went from frustrated in relationships to married to my soulmate and celebrating our first baby. I went from treating myself like crap to taking impeccable care of myself and treasuring my body. Literally every area of my life has transformed, unfolding in exactly the way Lisa has showed me over the last 7 years.

I feel blessed to work with Lisa. If you have the opportunity to have Lisa read your chart, then do it! ~Carey Peters, Co-Founder, Health Coach Institute’

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