Lisa E Zimmerman | Soul Level Solutions presents…

Soul Level Direction for Summer 2018

the update…

Cosmic events are happening during the Summer of 2018 that will affect the energetic flow, with more Retrogrades than usual and three Eclipses that will shake us up. Mars (action) will turn Retrograde June 26th thru Aug 27, calling you back to course correct whatever you started in mid-May 2018.

The path to empowerment is to have an idea of where you are, where you want to go, and/or what’s next. If something new is called for, it’s time to take action and begin. Even baby steps…

There are ALWAYS opportunities, but you need clarity in order to engage with confidence to maximize the potential that’s available for you. Having clarity and understanding your mission will help to focus you, allowing you to feel empowered with a sense of peace. Stress is a fear-based reality that lowers your vibration and disempowers you.

The object is to align your goals and the call of your spirit with inspiration that energizes you! And to understand what you are being asked to do.


the question…

What IS your soul’s direction for the Summer of 2018 and beyond…?


Fortunately, your astrology chart is packed with info, so I can guide you on your journey!

If you’re ready to find out what’s happening for you and get clear about your NEXT STEPS, I am offering a special:



for Summer of 2018 and beyond…

only $297 !

This includes:

• A 90-minute astrology reading to determine what’s happening for you this summer — and your next steps in 2018

• Guidance re: obstacles and how to handle them so they don’t block you

• Where Mars will Retrograde in your horoscope and what that means for you

• If the Eclipses will touch you personally – and where

• Your astrological chart & a digital recording of your session


 Get the care and direction you need for clarity and support!



by Lisa E. Zimmerman | Intuitive Astrologer & Transformational Coach


Soul Level Direction Session

for Summer of 2018  

This special is available to purchase through Tues, June 26, 2018. Sessions may take place through Aug 2018.


only $297

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