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Over the past few years, we’ve experienced powerful changes that were meant to deconstruct old structures and paradigms that were outdated, no longer working or complete. We were able to adapt by adjusting (internally and externally), with adequate space to acclimate between events. 

But life has never been like this before!

Remember 2016 – the year when so many people suddenly left the planet? Well, in 2017, we’re experiencing a world in which the unthinkable has become our New Reality. And it will continue in 2018…

The energy is shifting, once again, in ways that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused or unsure about how to proceed. However, there are ALWAYS opportunities, but you need clarity in order to access them with confidence.

Having clarity and understanding your mission will help tremendously to stabilize you, allowing you to create balance and be in your power with a sense of peace. Stress is a fear-based reality that lowers your vibration and drains you.  

The object is to align with your goals and the call of your spirit, with inspiration that energizes you!

What IS your soul’s direction for the rest of 2017 and 2018?

Without a clear focus, it’s hard to make decisions regarding where you’re meant to go, how to get there…  and when to take action.

Cosmic Heart Path

Fortunately, I can look at your astrological chart and when I hear the details of your current experience, I will know where your focus needs to be in order for you to move forward.

And I’m especially eager to look at your Progressions and Solar Arc Directions, which indicate the unfolding of your soul’s evolution and what you’re READY for. It’s so helpful and important to know! And you will feel it, too…

I LOVE helping people get clear — and offering the great relief to understand where you are now, and where you’re meant to be going next!

If you’re ready to find out and get clear about your NEXT STEPS read on…

Portal Manifest

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• Guidance re: obstacles and how to move through them

• Your astrological chart & a digital recording of your session 


 Get the care and direction you need for clarity and support!

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