Holiday (and Post-Election) Peace & Sanity Call 

 Create a *New* Approach for the New Year!  

The orginial intention for this free call was a Holiday Peace & Sanity Call — but now it's become a Holiday AND Post-Election Peace & Sanity Call.  

Feeling reactive, emotional, off-balance, worried, stressed, grieving, upset or any state of being that takes you down vibrationally is not good for you. This call is for you to receive support and care because I don't believe you're meant to suffer. 

This election may have caught you by surprise and the collective fear, anger and anxiety is out there in a BIG way. If you're feeling it, this likely isn't the first time you've had this feeling... we don't suddenly get "new" issues. 

But I believe it's showing up again now for healing and integration. You deserve it :))

So there's the post-election anxiety, sadness, fear, anger and uncertainty. And right behind that comes the holidays...

The approaching holidays bring energetic hype that fuels over-giving, over-consuming and over-doing. Obligations, commitments, parties and spending too much (time, energy, $$) trying to make other people happy. And you can become exhausted.

You will see endless images of “perfection” that you should want to achieve, do or experience via TV commercials, store displays and even via conversations with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Here’s the insidious part – even if you disagree intellectually, your emotions and memories can easily be triggered by what you see and hear. Deep feelings can be activated (joyful or painful) when you see holiday displays portraying warm family scenarios filled with love, connection and abundance.

But what if that’s not your experience – what if there’s some pain, loss, uncertainty or challenge that you’re experiencing that creates feelings that are not in alignment with happy, happy, merry, merry? 

The election and the holidays have some things in common relative to the ways in which they affect you. Deep primal feelings can be activated and it helps for you to know what you can do for self-care (and to support others). 

I want to help you with that by sharing the astrology of the holiday season along with strategies that will enable you to thrive and enter 2017 with a feeling of connection, empowerment and optimism. 


Please join me for my *FREE* telecall on Wed, Nov 16 @ 8pm EST 

(The call will be recorded and you will receive the audio )

I look foward to *seeing* you there!

Lisa Zimmerman | Soul Level Solutions

Intuitive Astrologer & Transformational Coach

I'm here to help you experience transformation via awakening, empowerment and personal freedom that will allow you to be who you came here to be! 

As an Intuitive Astrologer, I use my wisdom to *see* the gifts, strengths, talents and hidden patterns in others. My goal is to show you your destiny in this lifetime — and offer you a new perspective around your whole life setup!

This allows for the release of struggle around creating (and receiving) love, money, and embodying joy — empowering you to create your heart's desire and express yourself freely, with compassion and care. My passion is supporting you in finding your true identity and living a joyful life!