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New Moon Intentions


Because a spark of the Divine is within you, this is the place from which you create. You have the power to manifest your desires when your beliefs are in alignment with them. Check your beliefs and choose your thoughts wisely!

New Moon intentions are written statements of what you intend to create in the coming Moon cycle.


Creating Your Intentions

  • Create your list on the day of the New Moon if possible
  • Review your list from the previous month and check off anything received
  • Delete or replace items that are no longer relevant
  • Create your new list and place it on your altar or in a private place
  • Review your list out loud every day to keep your creations conscious


How To Write Your Intentions

  • List at least two and no more than ten intentions, so you don’t dilute the energy
  • Start each intention with the words “I create” 
  • Only write what you intend to create (you can’t create for someone else)


New Moon Abundance Check

  • On the day of the New Moon write a check to yourself 
  • Write your name in the section labeled “Pay to the order of” 
  • Write “Paid in Full” in both the amount sections 
  • Sign the check with the words, “Spiritual Law”
  • Place the check on your altar or put it in a special place and prepare to receive!    

Place the check on your altar or put it in a special place and allow yourself to receive!

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3 Replies

  1. Lisa – I saw your post at VAssistant (the ducks post) about your intention and LOVED what I saw when you wrote:

    “I ask and allow that I manifest an abundance of financial rewards and resources from unexpected sources effortlessly and easily in a smooth, non-dual way.”

    I believe in setting intention. I have been told by intuitives that I manifest easily. I love the intention you set because it keep things open. I am in a state of “open” now regarding the future of my Giggle On venture and my life.

    I KNOW I have something valuable to offer the world.

    I BELIEVE the universe is ready to help me on my mission of spreading hope and light.

    I TRUST financial rewards are coming my way.

    I am thankful for all of the abundance in my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (I got the 3 thank you idea from my friend Andrea Hess).

    The universe can do so much for us if we allow it.

    By the way, what do you mean by “non-dual’?

  2. admin Jan 2nd 2009

    Hi Christa,
    Thank you so much for your comments – I love your positive energy and I can feel you when I read your writing! Your unbridled enthusiasm and strong convictions give you tremendous power to generate action. Your astrology chart would defintely show your ability to manifest – that’s the way I recognize/understand who people are, so that’s the tool that works for me. But hey, if the intuitive told you that you have the ability to manifest – beautiful!

    Regarding your question , a “non-dual” way means that situations unfold in ways that are mutually satisfying to all the parties involved, so there is a feeling of “flow.” Doesn’t that sound great?! You can call that in, and notice that I used the word “smooth” before non-dual, just to clarify that I’m asking and allowing for a gentle ride. Believe me, there are additional words that I use in my intentions to call in very specific energies that describe the way I want my gifts to arrive or the feelings I want to experience in the process (effortless, fun, surprising, delightful, etc.). This is a great vocabulary exercise!

    Christa, I wish you abundant manifesting and continued success with Giggle On!!

  3. Ah, non-dual is a fancy way of saying win-win! I love win-win deals and often use the phrase.

    Glad you can feel my positive energy coming through. My intention is to shine light and be a channel of blessing for others.

    It was Andrea Hess who told me I manifest easily. If you know Suzanne, you probably know Andrea too.

    I had my chart done last year. It was an interesting exercise. As the universe unfolds unexpected abundance of financial rewards in my bank account, I would enjoy a full length astrology reading!

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