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New Moon in Gemini / Mutable Grand Cross – June 4, 16

Gemini sparks

This is a big week, astrologically. Not only do we have a New Moon in Gemini tomorrow, but it’s part of a Mutable Grand Cross. And in the coming week Eris (new planet) is connecting with Uranus (change). I’ll explain it all, one step at a time…

The New Moon is always a time of new beginnings, seeding projects, intentions, or anything that you want to grow. This one is in Gemini, sign of communication, information, education, the neighborhood – and all forms of networking, connecting and getting around (bicycle, cell phone, email, as well as your FitBit wrist pedometer, because apparently, you need to know exactly how many steps you took today :)).

Conversations, classes, meetups, community – all Gemini activities are ripe areas for activation on the New Moon. Plan, gather and organize info and reach out to enhance your life! I love the energy of Gemini, because Divine blessings occur when you open to share with others. Giving and receiving.

Gemini rules writing and the spoken word. When you create an intention and back it up with aligned actions, you are devoting your energy and commitment to manifesting what you say you want. It’s a big deal!

Now for the Mutable Cross. Four planets are squaring each other, with two oppositions: Jupiter opposite Neptune and the Sun, Moon, Venus opposite Saturn – and they’re all in Mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Gemini & Sagittarius). It’s like a giant box and wherever you turn, it’s easy to encounter something challenging or potentially misleading.

What does it mean? Mutable signs are about change – and there’s so much fluidity, that you don’t know where you stand. You think you’ve got something in place and then it changes!

Old outdated structures (internal and external) are being dissolved. You are expanding and contracting, moment by moment, whereas things seem solid and then you receive new data that changes the picture. It’s like standing on quicksand – too much movement to feel stable or to make good decisions.

What to do? Surf the waves with the intention to be flexible and spacious in your thinking and actions. Don’t be overly attached to how things unfold, but do hold a big picture outcome that you desire (ex: I create the perfect home for me).

Grounding is nourishing, nurturing, and it will get you out of your head. If possible, walk in nature, stand barefoot on the earth/grass or in water – or smell fresh flowers. Listen to birds sing, get out into the sunlight. Tune into your feeling Self and give your busy mind a sensory break :))

The worst thing you can do is to go into reaction over any feeling, info, action or event. You will never make Higher Self decisions from reaction, which propels you into an identity (not the real You!). Take time to center and rebalance yourself before making decisions in order to move toward your Highest Good. Very important!

On Wed, June 8th Uranus aligns exactly with Eris (new planet). This can either create transcendence or chaos, personally and/or globally. I vote for transcendence, so if you know where Uranus is in your chart (which house), look for action there this coming week.

Uranus rules change, revolution and your Authentic Self, so anything that comes or goes is there to support your Highest Good. Remember that. And you can always decide how you want to direct the energy, so be willing to take action toward anything you want to create in that area of life.

And as always, know that regardless of what is happening on a mirror level, on a macro level, All is well. Namaste. 

**** We still have MAJOR Moon Void of Course periods this week***, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.