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What is NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Useful For?


Peak Performance Benefits

  • Facilitates transformation and change
  • Boosts mental functions – increases IQ
  • Enriched sleep, increases relaxation
  • Greater emotional resilience and balance
  • Facilitates stability and grounding
  • Increases creativity and intuition
  • Fully access your gifts, strengths and talents
  • Enhanced athletic performance


Course Corrections

  • Sleep issues
  • Anxiety/stress/nervousness
  • Emotional instability/reactivity
  • Irritability/impatience/moodiness
  • Depression/chronic fatigue
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Addictions
  • Jet Lag

Ground, Center, Balance, & Align

With the changes occurring in our world, life has become more stressful to navigate than ever for many people. NeurOptimal® is cutting edge Non-Linear Dynamical Neurofeedback technology that can reduce and eliminate stress-related symptoms.

Reducing sleep issues, depression, anxiety, ADD, and stress are common for neurofeedback users as issues can disappear in a gentle, nonlinear way. Think of the flowing, relaxing, nurturing energy that your central nervous system craves.

This is definitely a gentle, yet profound experience of “receiving” when it comes to course-correcting old non-working patterns!

I am a certified neurofeedback provider who uses the NeurOptimal® (NO) system. This is cutting edge technology that utilizes nonlinear dynamical principles to train your brain to function at its optimum level.

Using this model, a neurofeedback experience feels like you’re being pampered because it’s completely effortless. You relax and listen to beautiful music through headphones while hooked up to the NO system, and your brain does the work for you! See below for more info about how a session works.

There are four main types of clients who come for neurofeedback training:

  • those seeking more or less of something
  • those seeking peak performance (optimal flow and function)
  • those seeking spiritual evolution, personal growth and to integrate change
  • students of all ages seeking to maximize focus and attention

Most people seek help due to some problem or issue that they want to clear. It doesn’t matter whether the problem is physical, mental or emotional because the central nervous system that affects ALL aspects of our functioning. People in this group come because they don’t feel well, whether fatigued, nervous, have sleep problems, aches and pains, or it’s a strain to accomplish tasks at work, home or school. Some people want to break a habit or addiction and working with neurofeedback naturally makes change easier. Therapists know that their job is easier when a client is also doing neurofeedback.

The second group is those who want to achieve peak performance. These clients may have some issues, but their main reason for coming is to take themselves to the next level. So rather than wanting less of something, they want more of the good stuff. Neurofeedback trainers work with students, performers, singers, athletes and sports celebrities among others, all of whom want to excel in their chosen field. We call this optimal flow and function.

The third group is those who want to explore their own capacity for spiritual or personal evolution. They may use neurofeedback to deepen their experience in meditation, or to accelerate psychotherapy or other transformative practices. Energy healers who work in a variety of disciplines love NC for the energetic shifts they experience with it.

The fourth large group is students (of all ages) who want to maximize their ability to pay attention, focus, learn effectively, retain more of what they learn, and those who want to increase peak performance in sports, creative endeavors and such.

Watching your life transform as a lighter, brighter “you” emerges is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects personal evolution! Not to mention the luxurious experience that you will have when I “run” you.

What Happens in a Session?

You recline in a comfortable zero gravity chair and I place a tiny sensor on each side of your head, and two clips on each ear. Like an EKG, it is reading what is coming from you – nothing is going into you.

When training begins you close your eyes, relax and listen to beautiful music through headphones for 35 minutes, and every now and then there will be a tiny break in the music when turbulence is detected in your brain. These breaks mirror back to the brain what it’s doing and gives the brain the information it needs to reorganize itself. You can just relax and let your brain receive the feedback without any effort on your part.

Remember, your brain regulates all your functions and when the brain and central nervous system are operating in an optimal way it promotes health, wellness and you have “all access” to your faculties and can utilize them in the most productive/constructive ways.  While I can’t guarantee any particular result, as everyone has their own unique physical/physiological/emotional/mental setup, you can only benefit from the use of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback!

Intro Session – $200:
6-Session Package – $800:
10-Session Package – $1250: