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New Moon in Scorpio/Mercury Retrograde – October 2019

Today we awaken to a passionate Pluto-Venus combo that can activate deep desires, intensity and magnetic connections, especially re: $$ and love. Watch for obsession or jealousy (lower expressions), and if you’re compelled to take decisive action toward anything important, wait until later. Because… The Moon is Void of Course from 9am-4:20pm ET, which is […]

Full Moon in Aries – October 2019

Today is a relatively quiet day with a Void Moon until after just midnight, ET. Do your routine, plan, create, relax – but don’t make major commitments, purchases or dates today if you can help it. It’s not the best day, as things may fall apart later. And because we are approaching a Full Moon on Sunday, […]

Multi-tasking in Virgo – Sept 6, 2019

We’re navigating a path of duality with higher and practical realities, so you may find yourself bouncing from expansion into 3D, by being in an inspired stretch and then analyzing what feels doable to your mind. Multi-tasking is the name of the game. Info is coming so rapidly, it can feel like being on an […]

It’s a Virgofest! – Aug 23, 2019

This week is a Virgofest – and boy oh boy, has the energy shifted! Mars (action) entered analytical Virgo on Aug 18 and Venus followed on Aug 21. You can feel the shift from ego-driven desires to focused productivity. Do the right thing. And do it “right” :)) Today the Sun enters Virgo, too. Virgo rules service, health, […]

Sun in Leo Finale Week – Aug 16, 2019

A week from today the Sun moves from Leo into Virgo, and this final week has not only the Sun, but Venus, Mars and Mercury in Leo, too – a dynamic, creative stellium of four personal planets. All in Leo – wow! Express yourself. Play. Let your Light shine! Mercury squares Uranus today, affecting your […]