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Lunar Eclipse SuperMoon in Leo – Jan ’19

a few months ago

There’s a lot going on this week. A lot. It’s important to be grounded and focused on Self-care, whatever that means for you. Eliminate to-dos that are optional and give yourself extra space. Stay focused on what serves you. When you are in a stable state of mind, your surroundings will have less of an […]

Welcome the 2019 New Year ~ Dec 28, 2018

a few months ago

We end 2018 on a weekend that’s relatively quiet, with Mars in the final degrees of non-confrontational Pisces. But Mars is conjunct Chiron (The Wound and Wounded Healer archetype) all weekend – either triggering your deepest vulnerabilities or, if you’re proactive, inviting you to take responsibility for that which used to take you down. Do […]

New Moon in Sagittarius – Dec 7, 2018

We awaken this morning to a New Moon in Sagittarius, the can-do sign of high ideals, positivity, the big picture and Higher Truth. This is usually a time of optimism and expansive vision as you focus on what you want to create on this time of new beginnings. However, we have a hangover from a […]

Final week Mercury Retrograde – Nov 30, 2018

We enter the final week of Mercury Retrograde until it turns Direct on Thurs, Dec 6. Two personal planets change signs this week (Mercury and Venus) – and one changes direction (Mercury). Feel how the shifting energies rearrange and redirect your focus and your life. Mercury leaves optimistic Sagittarius to back into Scorpio on Dec 1 thru Dec […]

Venus Direct, Mercury Retrograde ~ Nov 16, 2018

To everything turn, turn, turn… Two planets change direction, with another planet changing signs on the SAME day! This guarantees a shift in energy and focus. Or a lack thereof. I’ll share in order of appearance. Last night Mars (action) went from rebellious Aquarius (after 5 months!) into flowy Pisces. This is a dramatic shift into […]