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New Moon in Virgo – Sept 2017

a few days ago

We’re in the midst of multi-level experiences and your task is to learn to hold the bliss and blessings as well as the challenges and lessons. Not to compartmentalize or resist, but to expand to create a container that can hold it all, so you can focus where you choose at any given moment. The Sun […]

As the world shakeup turns – Sept 8, 2017

This is not the easiest of times. The world is in the midst of physical chaos as I write this with hurricanes, fires, floods and earthquakes. Much of the physical effects are occurring in the U.S. after we experienced the Solar Eclipse path from one end of the country to the other. For those in the path of […]

Mercury Direct, Full Moon in Pisces – Sept 2017

a couple of weeks ago

Happy September. This week involves energetic shifts that can easily activate edgy or button-pushing (confusing) interactions, so I suggest you tread lightly and be gentle in your dealings. Planets are changing signs and the Moon will become Full, which always heightens emotions (to add to the fun!). Happy September. This week involves energetic shifts that […]

Saturn Direct – Aug 25, 2017

We’re in the wake of the Solar Eclipse, activating new beginnings in your life and the world. Today’s big event? Saturn (structure, work, Authority) Stations Direct, after being Retrograde since April 6. Going forward you’ll be able to put into action what you’ve learned from Saturn during it’s Retrograde to recreate structures in your life […]

Wow, what a month. Uranus turned Retrograde, we’ve had a Lunar Eclipse, Mercury went Retrograde, five planets + Chiron Retrograde, all leading up to the big event – the total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Mon, Aug 21 that can be seen exactly through a swath of land across the United States. There’s lots attention on […]

Rearrange with Mercury & the Retrogrades – Aug 11, 2017

The theme of August is shapeshifting (the world and your life), via two Eclipses and five Retrograde planets, including Mercury, as it slows to turn Retrograde tomorrow night. All weekend we’re in the energy of this turnaround, which affects so much of daily life. Retrogrades indicate going back over territory already covered to integrate, review, redo or allow […]

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – Aug 2017

We are in for a ride this month! Ground, center and trust that any shakeups you experience are doing for you what you won’t/can’t do for yourself. That’s my empowerment position. For me, for you, for us all. Revolutionary Uranus (genius, change) turned Retrograde yesterday, disrupting certainty (and maybe technology) if you were hoping for […]

1st New Moon in Leo – July 23, 2017

We complete the energy of Cancer tomorrow as the Sun prepares for the first of two New Moons in Leo on Sunday, July 23 at 0º Leo. We’ve just been through Uranus (change, rebellion) squaring the Sun and Mars in sensitive Cancer, creating discomfort, edginess and a feeling of things being out of whack. But […]

Life with a Uranus Twist – July 14, 2017

a couple of months ago

Mercury and Jupiter click today, offering opportunities for good news, bright ideas and beneficial communications. It’s a great day for sales calls, requests, connections, creating, brainstorming or proposing a new idea or plan. Use it or lose it! Ultimately, this is a week of potential awakening and change activated by Mars and Uranus, which can […]

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