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Frame Your Future 2016

a couple of years ago

Powerful energies will be activated in the 2nd half of January that will bring up anything (and everything!) that’s out of alignment with your Authentic Self. When you learn HOW to realign, it will open doors, relieve stress, and create new pathways for you and those around you. Click here for more info.

Cosmic Wave Immersive – Jan 22-24, 2016

a couple of years ago

We invite you to join Lisa E Zimmerman, Intuitive Astrologer/Transformational Coach and Intuitive Channel/Spiritual Teacher, Hope Fitzgerald, for an intimate Cosmic Wave Immersive on the Full Moon weekend in Boulder, CO. If you are ready to receive personal Astrological/Intuitive Guidance, along with life-changing channeled teachings and guidance, click here for more info.

Ask for What You Want – and Get It

Is ASKING for what you want challenging for you?  Do you wonder how others do this so easily? Do you feel wrong or bad when you think of asking for something? Do you have to be sick, disabled, or have a problem before you’re allowed to ask for help or support? Do you “mind read” how the other […]

Soul Level Direction Sessions – Dec ’14

  Where are you meant to be going in 2015? We are heading into totally different energy than we’ve been in before, as we encounter new planetary changes.  Because I am committed to helping you move forward, for a limited time I am offering a Soul Level Direction Session for 2015. And here’s the kicker […]

Are you a good Receiver?

  We’re approaching the next round of energetic shifts that promise to change the landscape. Here’s the line-up for the next 6 weeks: a Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, Uranus-Pluto square, and a Solar Eclipse. Letting go will be part of your experience, but what do you need to let go of – an idea, project, worry, a […]

Who’s deciding?

♥ Decisions, decisions… Creating your life (personally and professionally) involves making a lot of decisions. Every time you grow and evolve, you become a new version of You. However, your mind and unconscious may not have gotten the memo that You are the New You :) They may be operating as the Old You or a Former Version of […]

Welcome to March ’13

Welcome to March! The energy is soft and flowy and sometimes disorienting these days, but I love this feeling. I hope you’re using this beautiful energy to nurture and support your dreams, creativity, and spiritual adventures. I had a Cosmic Clarity telecall – Mercury Retrograde Edition on Wed, Feb 27th, to explain the current astrological energies and […]

Are you ready to break “the family myth?”

Guess what happens when you decide to “break the family myth” and take a leap forward in your life? Everything that’s out of alignment pops up to tell you “NO!” – or even more insidious, a little voice in your head whispers all the good reasons why you shouldn’t ________ (fill in the blank). This […]