Uranus Retrograde – July 5, ’10

Hello fellow pioneers (and yes, I say that as a reminder!). Here’s the lowdown – we are currently moving through a wormhole, going from one reality into another – and the new reality has not yet fully manifested as we are still “in process.” Between the Lunar & Solar eclipses, Uranus stands still on July […]

Summer Solstice/Lunar Eclipse – June ’10

And the beat goes on… but the rhythm is changing. It’s a new day. Are you adjusting to the ongoing shift that’s occurring within you? You can’t claim a new normal yet, because you are still very much “in process” and there’s another round of activity about to begin. The Summer Solstice is June 21st, […]

Current Astro Events – June 11, ’10

‘Tis the season for dramatic awakenings and new truths to be revealed! With Uranus and Jupiter together in Aries everything speeds up and you manifest much faster than usual (whether the results feel joyful or painful), as in “instant cause and effect.” Because the world is your mirror,  in the current climate you will find […]

Current Astro Events – June 4 ’10

The energies we’re experiencing these days can be frenetic, highly emotional, exciting and filled with possibilities. So how are you holding up and what experience are you having? When you are out of alignment, things seem to either stop or go awry, which is a signal to take a “time out” to reassess your direction […]

Mercury Direct – May 11, ’10

Mercury (communication, info) goes Direct on Tues, May 11th, but it won’t actually move forward for a few days. If you have any major purchases or actions to take, wait a few more days. New information may come to light when Mercury goes Direct that will change your thoughts/feelings about a particular situation, so stay […]

Mercury Retrograde – Mercury Rx Special!

Now that we are officially in Mercury Retrograde it’s important that you understand how Mercury Rx (Retrograde) can be useful to you. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, get your free Mercury Retrograde report click here. Operating with spiritual consciousness means moving in harmony with the energies of the Universe, masculine and feminine, or knowing […]