New Moon in Taurus – May 4, 2019

The Sun moves into earthy Taurus later today, May 3, slowing down the pace as we sit in the dark of the Moon, ending one cycle before tomorrow’s New Moon activates the next. The (dark) Balsamic phase is ordinarily a quiet time, but with the Moon Void of Course, especially so today. Hold your important decisions […]

Saturn and Pluto Retrograde – April 2019

Pluto turned Retrograde on April 25, intensifying hidden issues around power that can activate transformation (death/rebirth) if you are willing to recognize and take responsibility for what you are generating. Or experiencing. This can be internal (unconscious issues) – or you may become aware of an external matter that affects you. Ask yourself and be […]

Full Moon in Libra / Pluto Retrograde – April 2019

We awaken today to the second Full Moon in Libra, sign of harmony and relationships, opposing Sun-Uranus (change) in Self-centered Aries. Once the Moon is Full, the energy “pops” and something is released. This axis is about you and your relationships. Can you feel it?  What has changed – or needs to change for your Highest Good? The […]

Current Astro Events – April 12, 2019

Jupiter is Retrograde through Aug 11 and it invites you to assess where you are, where you’re going, and your beliefs about the possibilities for your life and the world you are living in. What is true for you – and what is meaningful? Your ideals and beliefs are YOUR decisions, unless you just follow or […]

New Moon in Aries – April 5, 2019

We’re in New Moon in fiery Aries, a time of new beginnings and action after the Mercury/Neptune mental swamp you’ve been wading through for weeks. Wake up from that dream, connect with your Self and pursue something you desire. Something that calls you forward to feed the Authentic YOU. Start your engine and take advantage […]

Current Astro Events – March 29, 2019

Here’s our paradoxical setup: now that Mercury has turned forward, ALL planets are Direct until Jupiter Retrogrades on April 11. Meanwhile, the Sun is in action-packed Aries, hot to trot and ready to go! However the runway is not clear for the take-off you may have been hoping for. It usually takes a few days post-Retrograde for Mercury […]

Current Astro Events – March 22, 2019

Even though we’re in a new beginning and the astrological New Year with the Sun in Aries, it’s a strange period with a mix of conflicting energies. So I’ll break down some major themes for you. Chiron (The Wound/Wounded Healer Archetype) is is with the Sun through mid-week, bringing up questions and issues that speak […]

Current Astro Events – March 15, 2019

No matter how you’ve looked at life before, be willing to see through a new lens, as old structures shapeshift courtesy of Neptune and Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. You may feel disoriented as old structures dissolve, but all is well. Remember, we are in the undoing and reorganizing, soon to move forward again. Sat, March 16 […]

Current Astro Events – March 8, 2019

We flow along with three planets in Pisces and Mercury Retrograde in the closing weeks of winter, just before the Spring Equinox and Full Moon on March 20/21. This is an extended liminal phase, an in-between quiet time for contemplation, feelings, dreams and visions. Whatever comes up in your consciousness is a message for you, so pay attention. […]

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