Current Astro – Feb 26, ’11

We close February with four planets and Chiron in Pisces, making for either a time of confusion and victimhood or a highly uplifting experience of transcending issues that may have plagued you for months, years or eons! You can always choose to operate from the higher expressions of the energy, no matter what difficulties present […]

Current Astro – Feb 11, ’11

Sun, Mars, Mercury in Aquarius The cluster of Aquarian energy, as the Sun, Mars, and Mercury continue their travel together, has the potential to express as rebellion, restlessness and/or a radical break from the usual. The unrest in Egypt is an illustration of this, but what about your life? Are you feeling the need to […]

Valentine’s Day Guidance

As we approach Valentine’s Day,  it’s a fabulous opportunity to focus on love – not just romantic love, but all matters of the heart. I don’t know how you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I have an idea. Before you shower your love on others, be your own Valentine! What does this mean? Focus […]

New Moon in Aquarius – Feb 2, ’11

Jupiter in Aries, Saturn Retrograde Here’s the current energetic picture: Your right foot (Jupiter) is on the gas pedal, ready to fly! Your left foot (Saturn) is on the brake pedal, slowingyou down cautiously so that you pay attention to the road. They are two distinctly different energies with opposing agendas – more and bigger […]

Jupiter in Aries, Saturn Retrograde

Sun in Aquarius ~ Jan 20, ’11 The Sun is in the independent, innovative sign of Aquarius, where the call is to live from your Authentic Self, tap into your brilliance, and dare to do things in your own unique way.  This is not the time to be conservative or shy about being yourself! Mars […]

Full Moon in Cancer ~ Wed, Jan 19th ’11

All planets are currently in Direct motion so we’re moving forward – however, you may not know exactly where you’re going or where you are yet. That’s okay… We’re moving into new territory and it’s important that you operate based on what FEELS right for you – not by trying to figure things out in […]

Current Astro – Jan 7, ’11

All planets are currently moving forward, unobstructed, in Direct motion until Jan 26th when Saturn goes Retrograde. This is an auspicious time to initiate and activate plans and projects, so if you’re ready – take advantage of this opportunity! Here’s what I consider important right now: 1. Have you received new information since Mercury went […]

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Jan 4, 2011 1:03 am PDT ~ 4:03 am EDT The New Moon / Solar Eclipse on Tues, Jan 4th, in Capricorn is a fabulous time to launch a new project or take action toward creating your dream for 2011. Capitalizing on this Solar Eclipse will be of great benefit […]

Mercury Direct

Mercury Direct – Dec 31, ’10 Mercury is finally moving forward and we have a bonus prize – ALL PLANETS ARE IN DIRECT MOTION until Jan 26th when Saturn Retrogrades. This is a major launch energetic and I suggest  that you take advantage of this opportunity. The only restrictions you’ll encounter are those within you! […]

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