Venus in Aries, Full Moon in Leo – Feb 2020

a few months ago

We’ve got some meaningful Venus action this week to add to the Full Moon in Leo, and all in fire energy, speaking to passion, action, desires and inspiration! Venus in tender Pisces moves into courageous Aries today, shifting the focus of love and values from romance/reverence to getting what you want, now! Aries is direct, […]

Flowing Into February ~ Jan 31, 2020

a few months ago

We close Jan today with  a Void of Course Moon all day, good for routine tasks, slow-mo, leisure, creative and spiritual pursuits. Save important dates and purchases for tomorrow – or after 7:28pm ET tonight… An overview:  Mercury turns Retrograde on Feb 16, so you have two weeks to make major purchases, sign contracts, make […]

New Moon in Aquarius – Jan 24, 2020

a few months ago

Happy New Moon in Aquarius (1:42pm PST – 4:42pm EST) and Chinese New Year! All New Moons activate new beginnings, but this one is especially potent in the sign of innovation, the Greater Good and authenticity. Aquarius is not bound by traditional rules and regulations (like Capricorn) – it is visionary genius at its best or […]

Shifting Into Aquarius ~ Jan 17, 2020

a few months ago

Things feel lighter already, now that we’ve passed the Eclipses and the heavy Saturn-Pluto conjunction. We still have four planets in Capricorn, but Venus is now exalted in Pisces (Higher Self, dreams) and Mercury (mind) moved into Aquarius yesterday, activating innovation and visionary perspectives. Yay! It’s an Aquarian week, as Mercury squares Uranus tomorrow (Jan 18). Mercury […]

Cosmic Turning Point ~ Jan 10, 2020

With so much major planetary activity, it’s hard to describe this experience, that began long before today. This is a multidimensional cosmic turning point, transforming the collective consciousness and your personal consciousness, if you’re attuned to the messages from your universe. Do your best to align with changes that are redirecting your life going forward. Today […]

South Node Clearing and Re-alignment ~ January 3, 2020

Hello 2020! We’re approaching a Lunar Eclipse and Uranus changing direction, with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction right behind it. All happening next weekend. What a profound mixmaster… We have five planets in ambitious Capricorn along with the South Node, which is urging you to “Feng Shui” your life and clear the clutter. Let go of what’s […]

Farewell 2019 and Hello 2020 ~ Dec 27, 2019

The Sun is conjunct optimistic Jupiter today (at the same degree), giving an expansive boost to the usual Capricorn structure and responsibility. With Jupiter’s can-do vision, you have access to a long view that can assist in setting goals and making plans for 2020. It’s never too early to get clear about “knowing what you […]

Winter Solstice / Christmas Solar Eclipse – Dec 2019

We have a profound week of dramatic shifts, with two planets changing signs, the Winter Solstice, major aspects, and a Solar Eclipse on Christmas. Wow! Feel the dynamic energy of all that! Venus moved from Capricorn into free spirit Aquarius last night, calling new people and experiences into your space through early January. Venus in Aquarius […]