New Moon in Scorpio / Neptune Direct – November 2017

a few months ago

This week I offer a check in: what’s driving your decisions – fear or love? Tomorrow’s New Moon in passionate Scorpio rules issues around power, control and transformation – what to release and what to keep in your life. Scorpio activates metamorphosis by deconstructing what’s no longer viable followed by a rebirth or “cosmic evolution.” The ultimate outcome […]

Abundance, Grace & Flow – Nov 10, 2017

a few months ago

We open the week with a Saturn-Uranus trine, allowing for change with stability and flow – in harmony. A gift. This is a time to work for movement in your life. You know what is complete, shaky or ready for an upgrade. This week is the time to take actions in service to progress. Tap […]

Too soon? No! Special Announcement…

a few months ago

Is it too soon to think about 2018? No! Actually, NOW is EXACTLY the time to think about 2018 – and I’ll tell you why.  It’s early November and the energy is finally moving (even with all the world chaos and tragedy that collective decisions have generated). Don’t allow yourself to be shut down by […]

Full Moon in Taurus – Nov 2017

a few months ago

We have a Full Moon tonight in grounded Taurus – sign of values, the earth, self-esteem, security and what’s familiar. Taurus loves comfort and sensual desires; it’s easygoing, enjoys pleasure, resists drama and change. However, the Taurus Moon is opposed by the deep, passionate Sun in Scorpio, that digs up buried info, feelings and experiences […]

Jupiter in Scorpio Abundance ~ October 27, 17

a few months ago

These past few days have been ripe with abundance, which continues through the weekend as expansive Jupiter rides with the Sun in Scorpio. Jupiter magnifies everything it touches (for better or worse), blowing things up to a whole new level. That’s why it’s so important to direct your energy towards something productive and wanted. Of […]

Sun into powerhouse Scorpio – October 2017

We are still in the dynamic New Moon in Libra vibration from yesterday, that was opposed by Uranus. My guidance for this energy is: * Make your New Moon intentions and take actions to activate them. * Be adaptable (w/ Uranus potential curveballs in the mix), but don’t give up. * Release relationships that do not […]