Uranus Full Moon in Taurus – October 2018

We’re in the final days of Libra until the Sun enters Scorpio on Tues, Oct 23. Mars (warrior) squares Mercury (communication) today, creating an edgy energy that can activate arguments, attacks or pushy agendas. Your reality vs. someone else’s reality. A clash. Polarity. If you have something to say, connect first – and stick to the […]

Current Astro Events – Oct 12, 2018

We have Venus Retrograde, Jupiter (Higher Truth) and Mercury (mind) all in Scorpio now, ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. This creates an undercurrent of intensity and hidden info that can be brought to light at any moment, personally or collectively. Like a jack-in-the-box, the next revelation pops up and your perspective re: the world […]

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio & New Moon in Libra – Oct 2018

Venus turns Retrograde today in alchemical Scorpio, sign of power, control and transformation. Venus wants cooperation, all nice and pretty, whereas magnetic, intuitive Scorpio seeks intensity, always looking for what is hidden. Scorpio probes, diving into deep water to see what’s really real. Shadowy truths. Things you don’t want anyone to see. It sounds a little edgy, but […]

Pluto Direct & Venus in Scorpio – Sept 28, 2018

The theme of the week is transformation: issues around power, control, what’s hidden, death and rebirth. We’ll experience it via Pluto and Scorpio, which creates upheaval – and it is a process, so don’t be discouraged or dismayed if you don’t see instant results. More will definitely be revealed as we proceed… Pluto is dominating […]

Current Astro Events – Sept 14, 2018

a couple of months ago

This week has the potential to create momentum to expand your world if you’re ready to use the energies and commit to actions that will serve your intentions. We are still in the wake of the New Moon in Virgo on Sept 9, in which a seed was planted or a new storyline began for you. The […]

New Moon in Virgo – September 2018

a couple of months ago

We begin the week today with a Grand Trine – Mercury (mind) with Uranus (change) and Saturn. This lively yet grounded combo allows for bright ideas to make changes in structured ways that will serve you well. What a gift! Use it well to find innovative solutions, directions or possibilities. Venus (love, relationships, self-esteem) is in her […]

Saturn Direct – Sept 2018

a couple of months ago

We’re in a transitional time, even though the energy has picked up with Mars in Direct motion, which may have activated the impetus to make a move. If you’re feeling energized, put it to good use by directing your energy in ways that serve you. But it may not feel like time to move yet, so […]

Mercury Direct – August 2018

a couple of months ago

After so much turmoil, we welcome a weekend of flowing aspects between expansive Jupiter and mystical Neptune, with Mercury and Venus in harmony as well. This makes for sweet connections, verbal compromises and solutions, as well as generosity of spirit. The energy of lovingkindness is just the antidote we need for our weary souls after a […]

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