Spring Forward, Clarify & Review – March 9, ’18

We are in a back and forth space as we begin the initial Retrograde of the season, while we “spring forward” into Daylight Savings Time on Sat night here in most U.S. states. Jupiter is Retrograde in Scorpio until July 10th, revealing secrets and truth since Oct, when it entered passionate Scorpio. Scorpio wants the real (hidden) story […]

Shifting Cosmic Gears – March 2, 2018

a couple of weeks ago

We begin the week with five cosmic bodies in sensitive Pisces: Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Mercury and Venus. This makes for soft, dreamy energy that births imagination, compassion and empathy (higher expressions) or you may feel confusion, addiction/escapism or doubt (lower expressions). Venus (love), Mercury (mind) and Chiron (the wound/Wounded Healer) all meet on Sat/Sun at the […]

Post-Eclipse Awakening – Feb 16, 2018

We’re in the post-Eclipse awakening (or aftermath), depending on how it’s been for you. Did you experience a new beginning, a new insight or awareness? And equally important, did you notice what’s complete or over following the South Node Lunar Eclipse of Jan 31st? This is a period of major change and I suggest that you […]

Valentine Solar Eclipse in Aquarius – Feb 2018

We continue in this liminal space between Eclipses, where you may not be quite sure what’s happening, either daily or in the big picture. After all, Eclipses are wild cards that activate unpredictable events, so tuning into your Higher Self for alignment and guidance on a daily basis is the best path for Self-care, while taking […]

Between Eclipses – Feb 2, 2018

The inner feeling following the Lunar Eclipse. Spacious and vast. Open. Don’t rush to fill it up with busyness, chatter and activity in order to avoid the Nothingness and the Allness. Allow yourself to be bathed in the expansiveness. This a precious experience. Embrace it with reverence. This is an “in between” phase, going from the […]

a couple of months ago

This is a week with a setup that invites you to get going! There is major mojo available for manifesting when you take methodical actions to align with your dreams and move beyond your familiar turf. We spend Friday and Saturday with the Moon in busy Virgo that loves To Do lists and happily crossing off […]

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