Sun into powerhouse Scorpio – October 2017

We are still in the dynamic New Moon in Libra vibration from yesterday, that was opposed by Uranus. My guidance for this energy is: * Make your New Moon intentions and take actions to activate them. * Be adaptable (w/ Uranus potential curveballs in the mix), but don’t give up. * Release relationships that do not […]

Autumn Equinox / Pluto Direct – Sept 2017

Happy Autumn Equinox, a change of seasons when the harvest begins and nights grow longer. The Sun has entered other-oriented Libra, sign of peace, balance and harmony. Recognize that balance isn’t an “either-or” proposition; it is holding duality (two sides) simultaneously, giving each equal attention. Good time for a check in re: your life (personal/professional, relationship/Self, […]

New Moon in Virgo – Sept 2017

We’re in the midst of multi-level experiences and your task is to learn to hold the bliss and blessings as well as the challenges and lessons. Not to compartmentalize or resist, but to expand to create a container that can hold it all, so you can focus where you choose at any given moment. The Sun […]

As the world shakeup turns – Sept 8, 2017

This is not the easiest of times. The world is in the midst of physical chaos as I write this with hurricanes, fires, floods and earthquakes. Much of the physical effects are occurring in the U.S. after we experienced the Solar Eclipse path from one end of the country to the other. For those in the path of […]

Mercury Direct, Full Moon in Pisces – Sept 2017

Happy September. This week involves energetic shifts that can easily activate edgy or button-pushing (confusing) interactions, so I suggest you tread lightly and be gentle in your dealings. Planets are changing signs and the Moon will become Full, which always heightens emotions (to add to the fun!). Happy September. This week involves energetic shifts that […]

Saturn Direct – Aug 25, 2017

We’re in the wake of the Solar Eclipse, activating new beginnings in your life and the world. Today’s big event? Saturn (structure, work, Authority) Stations Direct, after being Retrograde since April 6. Going forward you’ll be able to put into action what you’ve learned from Saturn during it’s Retrograde to recreate structures in your life […]

a couple of months ago

Wow, what a month. Uranus turned Retrograde, we’ve had a Lunar Eclipse, Mercury went Retrograde, five planets + Chiron Retrograde, all leading up to the big event – the total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Mon, Aug 21 that can be seen exactly through a swath of land across the United States. There’s lots attention on […]

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