Ups and Shutdowns – March 27, 2020

The final weekend of March begins with Venus  trine Jupiter, the two benefics that bring blessings into your life. You may receive a gift – either $$, an opportunity, resources, comfort or may just be in a feel-good mindset. Optimistic, seeing possibilities. Sounds good, right?! On March 28 Venus and Jupiter are still linked, and […]

Full Moon in Virgo / Mercury Direct – March 2020

We begin the week with a Mercury slowdown, preparing to go Direct – and we approach a Full Moon in Virgo as well, which heightens the emotional energy all weekend, so step one, easy does it… Don’t be alarmed if Mercury Retrograde issues are highlighted over the next few days with mixups, miscommunications or snafus. Move slowly […]

Leap Into March – February 28, 2020

We open the week today with two aspects. First, Mercury sextile Uranus, activating innovative ideas and/or communications that create a new path or opening. Uranus (genius) is the higher octave of Mercury (mind) and together, they can generate original, exciting or revolutionary solutions or creations altogether. This is brilliance and futuristic energy – how progress is made! […]

New Moon in Pisces ~ February 2020

Dare to dream this week and take action, as the Sun and Neptune flow in gentle Pisces with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces too, unwinding old structures to create space for a rebirth. Pisces rules Divine Love, intuition, empathy, compassion, imagination and dreams. Your dreams are clues, as seeds of your soul’s desires from your highest potential! Dreams […]

Venus in Aries, Full Moon in Leo – Feb 2020

We’ve got some meaningful Venus action this week to add to the Full Moon in Leo, and all in fire energy, speaking to passion, action, desires and inspiration! Venus in tender Pisces moves into courageous Aries today, shifting the focus of love and values from romance/reverence to getting what you want, now! Aries is direct, […]

Flowing Into February ~ Jan 31, 2020

a couple of months ago

We close Jan today with  a Void of Course Moon all day, good for routine tasks, slow-mo, leisure, creative and spiritual pursuits. Save important dates and purchases for tomorrow – or after 7:28pm ET tonight… An overview:  Mercury turns Retrograde on Feb 16, so you have two weeks to make major purchases, sign contracts, make […]

New Moon in Aquarius – Jan 24, 2020

a couple of months ago

Happy New Moon in Aquarius (1:42pm PST – 4:42pm EST) and Chinese New Year! All New Moons activate new beginnings, but this one is especially potent in the sign of innovation, the Greater Good and authenticity. Aquarius is not bound by traditional rules and regulations (like Capricorn) – it is visionary genius at its best or […]

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