New Moon in Cancer – June 23, 2017

Tonight we have a New Moon in Cancer which is all about Self care, nurturing, family, feelings, your needs and your nest (home). Cancer rules how your feed or nourish yourself. This is your personal life, what feeds your emotional Self. When you get busy, this is often the area of life that is neglected and […]

Current Astro Events – June 2, 2017

We have a promising weekend and lively week ahead with three planets changing signs this week. On Saturday, Venus (values, relationships, style) is sitting with Uranus (change, rebellion, innovation) this weekend, exact on Saturday. Relationships may call for space or more freedom where there is restriction – or you may change your mind about someone/something (for better […]

New Moon Afterglow – May 26, 2017

We had a New Moon in Gemini yesterday, which continues to reverberate in the energy of new beginnings and facing what needs attention in your life. On the one hand you are inspired to do or create something new (Grand Trine in Fire with Saturn, Uranus and the North Node), while also facing anything that […]

Current Astro Events – May 12, 2017

Mercury has been doing quite a dance during it’s Retrograde and now forward motion, connecting multiple times with unpredictable Uranus, which can be destabilizing and anxiety provoking if you’re not mindful and proactive. It’s easy to get sucked into fear-based stories and drama, so your job is to stay grounded in the present moment and […]

Shifting Energies and the New Moon in Taurus – April 2017

a couple of months ago

The Sun moved from fiery Aries yesterday to enter earthy, practical Taurus, with other planets changing signs/directions to create a new energetic landscape. Mercury (communication) left Taurus yesterday for dynamic Aries where she speaks up, and Mars (action/will) left Taurus this morning to go into social Gemini. Very different energies… which puts Mercury and Mars […]

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