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Birthday Reading

Birthday stars

Birthday stars

A Birthday Reading – or your Solar Return, is when your Sun returns to the exact degree, minute and second where it was when you were born. This is a reading about where the focus will be for you – and what you can expect during your birthday year.

Your location at the moment of your Solar Return (which changes each year) determines your chart and, your location on your Solar Return sets the tone and focus of the coming year for you.

Therefore, if you want to travel to create the optimum birthday chart, you should have the reading at least a few months prior to your birthday so you can make any travel plans necessary.

I will need your location for the time of your Solar Return (your birthday) in order to create your chart, so please include that along with your birth information for me. Email info to Thank you!

Birthday Reading – $297


Combo: Coming Attractions and Birthday Reading – $497

Upon receipt of your payment, I will contact you to schedule your reading.

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